How to Avoid Panty Lines

Women who are shopping for panties
Photo: Lakov Filimonov/Shutterstock
Visible panty lines are one of the most dreaded fashion disasters in women's dressing. Even if you are looking gorgeous, but your panty line is visible, then it is a terrible fashion faux pas!
To avoid this, you need to know which undergarments to choose so that there is no visible panty line showing from underneath your dress. For example, undergarments made of cotton are most visible under some dresses, whereas undergarments made of elastic materials do not show under the dresses.
Here are some undergarments and tips that will help you avoid panty lines.
1. Thongs
Thongs are one of the good undergarments which don't give a visible panty line. Due to this quality, the popularity of thongs has increased many folds over the years and millions of women wear them to eliminate panty lines over the world. If you are a new user, it might be a little difficult at first, but if you get used to it, then there is almost nothing like it.
But remember to buy the correct size. If you buy a tight one, then they will dig into the soft areas of your body and create a lumpy silhouette.
2. Briefs That Give Full Cover
Buy some full coverage briefs in silk or nylon. These briefs cover your entire seat area to give a seamless look. But make sure that the elastic round the legs should lie flat. Also buy the correct size, otherwise they will show the dreaded lines.
3. Boy-short Panties in Mesh
These panties are new offering in the lingerie section, which is made of elastic mesh that don't bunch or ride up your thighs. These boy shorts come with a stretchy mesh lace that covers your hips and most of your buttocks and don't create bikini bulges.
4. Body Shaping Undergarments
Body shapers are another good option if you want to eliminate panty lines. Body shapers not only give shape to your body, but smoothens the entire area as these come in innovative elastics and sophisticated materials. Go for bicycle shorts that start from the waist and go down till the mid-thighs and create a clean and smooth look.
5. Microfiber Panties
Go for microfiber panties, which are made of ultra thin fabric to give you a next-to-skin feeling and won't show under your dress.
6. Disposable Cotton Patches
The best way to avoid panty lines is not to wear panties at all! But if this makes you uncomfortable, then use disposable cotton patches under your jeans and trousers.
7. Wear Dark Colored Clothes
If you are wearing dark colors or jeans, then you don't need to worry about the visible panty lines, as they won't show through the thick material and color. You can wear your normal underwear without any fear under jeans and dark colored clothes.
8. Cotton Undies Show
Avoid cotton panties with those dresses, which you feel might show the panty lines. Even though cotton undergarments are comfortable and skin friendly, but they have thick elastic bands, which show under the clothes and makes those panty lines visible.
Now that you know how to avoid panty lines, raid those lingerie stores to get the right kind of panties for your dresses. Always remember to buy the right size, otherwise even these panty line eliminators will become panty line enhancers and make them visible underneath your dress.