How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit Your Face

The quickest way to get that mysterious celebrity look is to don a pair of sunglasses. But wait, if those sunglasses make you look more like an alien, rather than a celebrity you’re in trouble. That’s exactly why I’m here to help! Call it sunglasses, shades, goggles or even sunnies, it’s important you pick a pair that flatters your face.
The Oval Face
When choosing your sunglasses, this is considered the best face shape to have. Oval shaped faces are very versatile and almost anything suits this face. So you really have no reason to worry as long as you have a basic aesthetic sense that tells you whether your sunglasses look good on you or not.
And okay, if you insist on having a tip, then I guess I would say, try to pick a pair that is wider than (or at least as wide as,) the broadest part of your face.
The Round Face
If you have a round face, your ideal pair of sunglasses would be one that does a good job of elongating as well as slimming your face. Rectangular shapes achieve this pretty well although almost any angular shape is good enough. Keep your frame narrow and the width advice for the oval face is applicable to you as well.
Sunglasses for your face shape
The Heart-Shaped Face
The heart shaped face or the inverted triangle needs a pair of shades that accentuates the top half of your face and minimizes the jaw. Your sunglasses need to do a good job of highlighting the eye and brow area and even the forehead.
Ideal styles are those cat-style sunnies you’ve looked at but haven’t been so sure of buying. Buy buy buy! They’re perfect for you because they widen the eye area. Metallic frames especially the kind with a rimless bottom are also a great choice. Also, bright colors are good because the keep the attention on your eyes.
The Square Face
If your face is square shaped, you need to buy a pair of sunglasses that soften the angles. A rounded or an oval shaped pair is nicely contrasted to your face. Cat’s eyes frames are good for your face shape too. Another popular choice is a narrow pair that doesn’t have too much depth but has enough width to widen your eye and brow area.
The Diamond Face
You too have a face shape that is naturally pretty angular and so you need a pair of sunglasses that soften the lines. Oval shaped sunglasses are your best bet though slightly curved square frames may not be a bad choice either. However don’t choose sunglasses that are too wide for your face. Pick one that isn’t wider than your cheekbones at the most.
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