How To Cut a Boys' Fauxhawk

Fauxhawk for little boys
The hyper-punk Mohawks of years past have fortunately been relegated out of mainstream styling, but an interesting vestige has remained in the form of a style called the Fauxhawk.
The style still features a long strip down the center of the head, but now it's framed by gradient lengths, as opposed to a dramatic shift from length to shaved scalp.
The sides and back are cut as short as desired, and the hair can be styled down when a more modest look is preferrable.
This cut can be executed with scissors or with a combination of scissors and clippers, depending on how short you intend the sides and back to be.
The key to getting a good ridge down the center is to cut the tapers on each side of the top and crown evenly.
Use the fingers to hold the hair up on each side so you can gauge the evenness and ensure a balanced cut.
How to cut a fauxhawk for boys
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