What is a French Bob?

French bob with bangs
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Q: What is a French bob? What makes a bob a French bob, and what is the difference between a regular bob and a French bob? Is it layered, and can anyone pull off a French bob?
A: Typically, a French bob is shorter than a regular bob. A French bob is cut to be short, near the jawline or the mouth line. The ends of the hair slightly curve inward toward the chin or mouth. The curved ends make it a good haircut for framing a heart-shaped face or a long face.
This shorter than chin-length bob is typically paired with brow-skimming bangs, bangs sitting at or just above the eyebrows. The bangs are usually heavy, with blunt-cut ends and a wavy texture. However, there are no absolute rules when it comes to the length of bangs. You can cut them shorter or keep them longer, depending on your features and the style you prefer.
A classic French bob is also characterized by a casual and tousled, naturally messy appeal. The hair is not supposed to be completely straight, and when your natural hair is too straight, you should add waves or some extra volume. Some French bobs are layered, but it is usually not a heavily layered haircut.
Regular bob versus French bob
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The French bob is a low-maintenance and versatile haircut. You can allow the hair to air-dry for a natural, casual appeal or style it with gel and wear it slicked back in a wet look.
A French bob will suit almost anyone, depending on their face shape. It looks excellent on an oval face and is a wonderful cut for framing the face. Round-faced individuals should be a bit more careful, but with the right accents, there is a suitable French bob for them as well. You should avoid going too short if you have a long neck, as a really short French bob can make your neck look longer. However, if you want to accentuate a long, swan-like neck, you can cut your bob extra short.
French bob hairstyle with the hair cut above the collar
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Some people call the cut a "Frenchie Bob", a "Parisian Women's Cut" or a "Parisian Bob". The hairstyle has its origins in the late 1890s, with the French singer and actress Polaire. She wore her hair in a short bob, and the look especially spread during the Flapper era of the 1920s.
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