Age Appropriate Hairstyles

Older woman with hair that is too long
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Hairstyles that look good on you in your twenties might not have the same effect in your forties or later. What makes a look fashion-forward and what is a faux pas? It is an age-old question and there is not just one simple answer to it. Should women shorten their hair with the number of birthdays they have celebrated? Is there such a thing as an age appropriate haircut?
Demi Moore, Bo Derek and Ali McGraw would most likely disagree, since they wear their hair over their shoulders long and look absolutely spectacular, even in their 40s, 50s, and 70s.
Beautiful celebrities with short hair from different decades are Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dame Judi Dench. They each found a look that works with their face shape, proportions, and personality.
When it comes to hairstyles and age, the strict rules such as "no long hair after 40" are outdated ideas. Today, age is viewed differently. Women are independent, stylish, and confident; they are challenging conventions and changing our perception of aging and the fashions of our lives.
We all want to age gracefully and are proud of the years we have been blessed with, but we also want to keep the gap between how we feel inside and what we see in the mirror as small as possible.
Length of Hair
No matter whether your hair is long, medium, or short, it is more important to have a hairstyle that suits your type and lifestyle than anything else. However, there are certain rules that apply, which have nothing to do with societal pressures, norms, or trends; it is simply about esthetics.
Cutting hair short
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If you didn't look good with long hair when you were younger, it won't change when you get older, and vice versa. But if you think your long, glamorous mane is one of your best assets and would like to continue flaunting it, make sure of the following:
• Keep it healthy. Nothing ages more than drab, stringy hair without shine.
• Keep it groomed. Do not let maintenance slip. We might be able to get away with having sexy, messy hair in our younger years, but later it just looks careless.
• Add style. Don't let your hair just grow without any fine tuning. Layers, tapered sides, and wispy elements throughout not only add luxurious volume, but they also soften your face and bring out the best in you.
• Be careful with the bangs. Thick, straight fringes bring a lot of attention to the eyes, which can also make potential lines appear more prominent. Instead, opt for a soft, textured fringe if you really want one.
• Keep the lines flowing and soft. Avoid any harsh lines and corners, as this will also enhance the possible lines in your face.
• Stick with soft and natural hair colors, and don’t be afraid of gray.
• If your hair is very thin, go for a medium-length or short cut.
• Always avoid wearing tight little buns unless you spruce up the ballerina look with a pair of dramatic earrings.
Fabulous long hairstyles for grown women often include large waves, soft curls, tapered, face-framing sides with a lot of feathery texture.
Medium-length hairstyles that are well-cut and styled should also have soft lines, some movement, and be in harmony with the face shape. Layers are the magic word for long and medium haircuts. Movement, volume, and a visual softening make them the miraculous fairy dust in the world of hair.
Very short hairstyles can have their own challenges as we age. Our hair not only changes color, but also its texture, becoming more wiry, dry, and harder to control over the years. Casual and chic blow-dry looks are not as easy to achieve anymore, and you will either need more softening styling products or opt for a style that works with the texture of your hair.
Textured pixie cuts are a classic and very popular among many women. Just make sure that the ends have a fine texture and keep the cut groomed to avoid looking like a metal brush, especially when the hair is gray. Also be careful with the gel and spiking up the short tresses.
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