Your Hair and Skin Color vs Clothes Color

Wearing a black turtleneck with red hair
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We all have our favorite clothes that look better on us than others. An example of this is the color black. Depending on your hair and skin color, black can wash you out completely. Black is always in, but you've finally come to accept the realization that it isn't for you.
In fact, just because you may have gorgeous olive skin and dark hair doesn't mean black will necessarily look good on you. Beige is another color that is wonderfully neutral, yet when worn, you may find yourself turning the color of beige, and the color takes away any warmth in your face. Not good.
Remember a few years back when everyone was getting their "colors" done? There is a lot of truth to that. Try this: Get a friend who wants to have some fun and hunt around different secondhand stores to buy about a yard of cloth in as many different solid colors as possible (no plaids, stripes, or polka dots). Then take a hairband and pull your hair back. Hold a color up one by one in front of a mirror and see the difference. This is the only way to get a clear picture of what you really look like in those colors. For some of us, wearing green will make us look green.
You open your closet and see your basic black dress hanging there ever so faithfully. Everyone’s closet has those black dresses for emergencies. In the world of art, black isn't really considered a color. I personally love the color black and wear it well, but there are those who cannot. If you have olive skin with ashen or sallow undertones, black will wash you out completely and not do a thing for you. The miracle of makeup can only do so much.
If you must wear a dark color, consider wearing a dark forest green or navy blue instead. Gray would also probably make you look ashen. If you have an ashen complexion surrounded by olive skin, people may want to dress you in drab colors. A pale yellow or sky blue might be better for you. I say "might" because I cannot see you, and this is why you went out and found all those different colors to hold up against your face. Matching skin color with clothes and hair is a very tricky matter.
Those who can wear black successfully are usually those with light to medium beige complexions with slight pinkish or bluish undertones. Typically, these are fair-complexioned individuals. Those of true Asian descent with a sallow complexion can usually wear black successfully as well.
Different colors to wear and pair
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The most common hair colors that look good in black are natural light browns, dark browns, and silvers. These individuals can also wear all shades of gray successfully, as well as rich drab pastels, vivid greens and blues, and strong reds with blue undertones. Usually, these individuals have brown or clear blue eyes, sometimes green, gray or hazel. They can wear all colors that are full, rich, and bright.
However, some people who look good in these rich colors might discover they look even better in more subdued colors. These colors are still rich, but not as bright. For example, turquoise might be too bright, and a drab, subdued teal might be a better option. If hot pink looks good, then an apple blossom pink might be a better choice. For those who look good in pink, the next step is to find the best shade of pink for their skin.
For some, a rose color is perfect, while coral might have too much orange if they have blue undertones. Regardless of what you wear, a great look is achieved by using the neutral colors of lip shades available today, which can match any outfit.
Naturally bright redheads with scattered freckles who wear black will soon realize that black against their pinkish milky skin might be too contrasting for them. However, if they wear a long black coat with a black hat, warm black gloves, and proper makeup, then the natural redhead would look quite striking. There are other colors that can enhance their attractiveness apart from black, though. For instance, placing a purple hat on top of a pile of luscious red hair would make that lady look like a summer flower. Blues and greens always look appealing on a natural or tinted redhead.
White might be a bit tricky, but an off-white egg color would suit you well. If you are a naturally dark redhead, it's a different story altogether. Dark reds can pull off a variety of colors that their bright redhead sisters couldn't. Nowadays, all redheads wear pink. Green and blue are always stunning for redheads.
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