Hair Miniaturization

Hair seen through a magnifier
Photo: Inked Pixels/Shutterstock
Q: Is it possible for every single hair on the scalp to miniaturize?
A: Actually, yes, and this does occur in some forms of alopecia. Bear in mind, that while alopecia sounds like a very serious condition, and it is emotionally trying and sensitive subject for those suffering from it, alopecia is simply a term that means "hair loss".
In fact, when most people experience hair loss, what actually happens is that the hair converts from terminal hair to vellus hair (meaning it miniaturizes).
This is why those men (and women) who experience hair loss - whether from male pattern baldness or such things as chemotherapy - they are left with what appears to be tiny fuzz where they used to have long hair.
The causes of miniaturization of the hair vary widely, from genetic factors, aging, prolonged illness, medical reactions, etc.
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