Ponytail & Hair Loss

Woman wearing her hair in a tight ponytail
Photo: Litvinov/Shutterstock
Q: Is it possible to lose hair in a part from constantly parting it in the same place, and pulling it back in a ponytail?
A: If you have been pulling the hair very tight into the ponytail and the weight of the hair is exerting constant pressure on the hair at the parting, then you could be causing breakage and pulling of the hair out at the root level. However, the odds are that this is would result in noticeable discomfort along with the loss of the hair.
If you think this could be the cause of your problem, try creating ponytails by gathering the hair loosely at the nape of the neck, in order to prevent any excessive stress on the hair at the scalp.
You might also consider using lightweight "scrunchy" ponytail gatherers and barrettes to confine the hair so that the accessory doesn't add any weight to the hair, and therefore, add any stress.
Depending on the location of the parting, you might consider that you are experiencing some form of alopecia. Remember that even women can develop androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and in any event, abnormal hair loss is called alopecia any way.
If you notice continuing loss of hair, talk to your doctor. There may be dietary, medical or hormonal issues at work that can be causing this problem.
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