Hair Fall

Boy with hair loss
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Q: I am a 24 yrs old boy, and I am very depressed regarding my hair fall. I have been losing my hair for the last 9 years. Till the age of 14, I had very dense hair. People used to appreciate the quality of hair I had. It was so soft, so thick, and so silky. But at the age of 15 I began to notice that I was losing my hair. In my family my dad has got partially baldness and my grandfather has the same problem.
I think my problem is genetic. I want to know if I could ever be able to get my hair back. How can I stop my hair falling? Though I've been good looking, the mere loss of my hair is causing all the problems in my life. I'm losing my self-confidence also. I'm very sad. Please let me know if this hereditary problem of hair loss can be treated.

A: This is a fairly common situation for a great many young men, and if your father and grandfather both have similar hair issues, you are probably right in that your situation is likely genetic.
However, as a hairdresser, I cannot diagnose or advise you about treating your hair loss. You need to speak to your doctor or dermatologist about the situation and confirm the likelihood of the hair loss being genetic, and what alternatives you have.
I can tell you that in some cases, men with male-pattern hair loss, have found successful results with drugs like minoxidil and finasteride (which are available in over-the-counter preparations) as well as several other new hair-loss treatment drugs. Though, you should be aware that beginning most of these hair loss treatment drugs means using them in perpetuity. If you stop taking them, the regained hair will go away.
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