Dyeing and Hair Loss

Hair and dye
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Q: I am 17 years old, and I think I've lost hair on top. My hair is somewhat thick and frizzy on the bottom, but very thin on top and near the roots. I think I even have a bald spot. Naturally I have dirty blonde hair but I dye it about every 3 months; sometimes I dye it more often than that.
I have dyed my hair black twice and I think the thinning was from that because black hair dye is very strong. I've been taking a biotin vitamin every morning, but that hasn't really done anything. I am really scared since I'm so young and have thinning hair. What will my hair be like when I'm older? However, I cannot stop dying my hair. What should I do?

A: First of all, if you think that dyeing your hair is causing the hair loss, you need to stop doing it. Period.
Seventeen is young to be experiencing hair loss, and you need to make sure there is no medical cause for the loss. Make arrangements to see a dermatologist and discuss with him/her the problems you are having. He or she will be best able to help you isolate the potential causes and eliminate any serious concerns over the loss of your hair.
Remember, a cosmetologist is licensed and trained to help you care for and style your hair, but stylists are not authorized nor qualified to diagnose or recommend treatments for anything that takes place below the skin's surface.
While I can logically advise you against continuing to dye your hair when you suspect it to be causing hair loss, you must see a doctor to determine the real cause.
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