Hair Straightening and Hair Loss

Flat iron hair straightening
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Q: Does straightening your hair cause hair loss?
A: In a word. No. Straightening the hair is a safe process (whether it is mechanical straightening with a flat iron, or chemical straightening with one of the varied straightening processes) as long as A) the hair is healthy and in good condition to start with, and B) the processes are performed properly.
Even in cases where the processes are ill-performed, the result is often damage to the hair rather than hair loss. Hair loss in this context generally refers to being shed at the scalp level.
In order for this kind of hair loss to take place, there has to be some effect to the follicles. This would likely take the form of a traditional burn (in the case of a flat iron) or a chemical burn (in the case of chemical straightening). In either case, the burns would, of necessity, be significant.
Now there are some individuals who may be sensitive to some chemicals in hair straighteners, and they may experience any number of reactions as a result of exposure. That being said, this is the reason salons and stylists are required to conduct patch tests before any chemical service.
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