Paris Hilton Hairstyles

Ever popular model and actress Paris Hilton was born on February 17th, 1981 in New York City.
  • Paris Hilton
  • Paris Hilton with curly hair extensions
  • Paris Hilton sporting short hair
  • flattened long hair
  • Paris Hilton up do
  • side-ponytail
  • Paris Hilton with short layered hair
  • oval bob haircut
  • half neck length bob
  • Paris Hilton's medium long hair
  • near shoulderlength bob
  • Paris Hilton sporting long curls
  • Paris Hilton bob
  • Paris Hilton wearing a jeweled headband
  • Paris Hilton bob haircut

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Long and short haircuts, curled and sleek, lascivious, elegant, girly or glamorous - if it can be made out of hair, Paris had it. The photos of her various hairstyles show perfectly how a haircut and styling can totally change a type.
Some styles make Paris look innocent, others give her a very grown up appearance. Some are made for partying and others have a professional, chic appeal. What all have in common is her bright blonde haircolor and a sense of adventure and surprise. Every now and then Paris uses sparkling accessories like a tiara to bring out the princess in her.
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