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Paris Hilton & Amanda Righetti

Paris Hilton - 03/07/2009

Paris Hilton - Short hair combined with a headband Behold, Paris Hilton, the blonde Indian Princess with her absolutely gorgeous jeweled headband that matches her necklace. Paris has her hair clipped in a bob with a high short part and the top going over smoothly to the side. This is definitely a throw back from the sixties. Whether you had short or long hair, everyone had some sort of headband around their head. Some, who were more earth oriented, wore simple bandanas, denim or made their own, others wore thick masterpieces of bright startling colors and then there were those who were going out for the evening and wore sparkles, like Ms Paris has on. Instead of a tiara, it was the royal headband.
A high sienna hair color like Paris' can be fun as well as an asset, because there are so many colorful outfits she can wear that will set off her hair. Nice to see the headbands making a comeback, I wonder if the grannies from the sixties will wear them again. Don't laugh, silver is so in vogue!
Amanda Righetti - 03/08/2009

Amanda Righetti keeps her long silky hair a two toned reddish brown with tweaked angles along the sides. She styles her hair with a high part and with the heavier section brushed over into a roundness before the rest falls onto her back. The other side is draped down her shoulders and spread out to see the various degrees in the reddish colors. Dig out your flat iron, as hair this long that wishes to be smooth and straight will find that the flat iron might be best tool for the job. This means a lot of labor with your hair. However, this doesn't mean we are going to look like Amanda, but we can definitely grab her hairstyle. Tip: Think about the differences between the two of you and be realistic in your approach to recouping your hairstyle. What might look good on you, might not look as hot on Amanda. One size really doesn't fit all.