Paris Hilton's Bob Haircut

Paris Hilton wearing her hair in a bob with bangs over the brows
Photos by PR Photos
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The color blue has got to be Paris Hilton's best color, although I am convinced she can look just as fetching in any color she decides to wear. One thing is for certain, I love her bob haircut!
Talk about smashingly great! When we peek just a bit closer we can see the slight wispy angles along the sides to bring a little softness and to cut the sharpness of the bob. Her bangs are delicately cut to ride over her brows and mesh in with the angles along the sides.
Paris is her own person and that includes her choice of make-up. She wears thick heavy eyeliner on the top, with lashes and mascara, a little bit of liner below the eyes, bronze/blush and a very neutral lip tint.
Bob haircut with angles along the sides - Paris Hilton
Photos by PR Photos
Tip: If you find that you are having problems applying your make-up, why not go to a professional or seek out a friend who is always dabbling with their face and looks good? These people will help you with the tricks of the trade and teach you everything they know. Simple techniques will make a world of difference.
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