Paris Hilton's Inverted Bob

Paris Hilton with her hair cut in a bob with a shorter back
Photo by PR Photos
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Paris Hilton brings a special tactic in modeling, in the way her eyes look, the bright rose orange lip tint and the way she is posing. She is wearing a lovely bob hairstyle. The back is cut a little shorter, while the sides dip into an inverted pattern and are long enough to cuff her chin and, while cocking her head, to touch her shoulders.
There is just something grandly old fashioned about this photograph with the lovely platinum sequined dress that has class written all over it. Perhaps, it could be a smattering of a look of the 1930s.
Then when we look at Paris' make-up. It is heavy on the eyeliner, lashes, smoky tones of shadow well blended, a few flicks of pencil in her brows, translucent bronze/blush and lip liner and the rose/orange lip color.
Paris Hilton's inverted bob haircut
Photo by PR Photos
Paris has always known how to carry herself and she is quite aware of what looks best on her and makes the most of it. Bravo Paris!
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