Nikki Reed Hairstyles

  • Nikki Reed updo
  • Nikki Reed with long wavy hair
  • Nikki Reed with a braided up-style
  • Nikki Reed with very long hair
  • Nikki Reed - hippie look
  • Nikki Reed wearing her hair styled up
  • Nikki Reed wearing her hair in a ponytail

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Born in 1988, American-born actress and screenwriter, Nikki Reed lived in West Los Angeles during her young years. She was involved in the scripting and acting of the film Thirteen with Catherine Hardwicke, which was in the theatres in 2003.
Her oval face interestingly shows off a flat forehead, strong jawlines and narrow nose. It makes for some unique hairstyles to fit her facial features. With thick baby hair around the edges of her forehead, she does well with her hair worn up or with a long flowing hairstyle. Her dark hair matches her complexion. If she cuts it in a short bob or opts to wear tight curls, she could pull it off quite marvelously.
Nikki's features are very distinct and she has a gazelle-type neckline that allows her to wear her hair pulled back in a sleek style and long in the back.
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