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Nikki Reed's Ponytail

Nikki Reed looks like the marvelous and fun school teacher at the AXE Showerpooling Event at Delta Chi Fraternity in Los Angeles on October 2, 2012. She wore a casual hairstyle with a long ponytail that reached to her back. She has a middle part at the front of the head.
The two sides of the head have the hair swooped to the back to create a long curly ponytail that made her look like a cheerleader. A long wavy tendril of hair falls on the left side of the face to create a look of virtuousness. Her ponytail has highlighted colors on the ends, but the top of her mane still holds her original brown color.
Nikki wore a loose fitting nylon shirt that is oversized and close-fitting jeans. Her orange shoes are strappy with a cut out peephole at the front. Her yellow necklace compliments her white rolled-up sleeved blouse and skin.
Nikki Reed wearing an oversized shirt with rolled up sleeves Nikki Reed wearing a white nylon shirt Nikki Reed sporting a curly ponytail Nikki Reed's orange shoes Nikki Reed's leopard print purse
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