How To Remove Nose Hair

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The Facts about Nose Hair and how to Eliminate the Pesky Problem
While some of the aesthetic changes men face as they get older can actually enhance their appearance, making them look more distinguished and even sexier, thick, black strands of hair protruding from the nostrils are definitely not one of the more desirable attributes of aging males.
Some men accept nose hair as another physical sign of their growing presence on Earth, while many men strive to remove this unsightly telltale sign that they are getting older. Consequently, there are several methods and many products available to eliminate pesky nose hair from intruding into view.
Why Does Nose Hair Grow as Men Get Older?
As men leave their twenties and start to approach their thirties, they can often be shocked to find thick, black hairs that start to descend from the nostrils. As they get older, the amount of visible nose hair gradually increases. The hair that grows from the nose and ears is controlled by hormones.
Many experts assert that this unwelcome growth is linked to an increase in the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is more prevalent in men than women and is the hormone responsible for causing male pattern baldness.
Although a man's nose has always contained hair, it begins to grow more rapidly the more DHT is produced, which can be as much as 1cm a month. Dealing with this excessive growth can be a time-consuming, tedious, and painful procedure.
How Not to Remove Unwanted Nose Hair
Often, men panic at the first sign of whiskers protruding from their nose and ears and fumble around with inappropriate tools, desperately trying to remove these new feline features.
Avoid using scissors to trim nose hair at all costs, as it only takes a slight tremor of the hand to snip the skin and cause permanent tissue damage. If you do choose to proceed with scissors, ensure they are sharp and the right size to achieve successful results while minimizing the chances of an accident.
Tweezers should also be avoided as a method of nasal hair trimming. While the theory of "pluck one hair and two will grow back" may be a myth, plucking hair from this delicate area will prove to be extremely painful. Plucking with tweezers may also cause small lesions and inflame the nasal cavities, which can lead to infection. The most effective, easy, and painless way to remove unwanted nose hair is to use electric nose hair trimmers.
How to Use Nose Hair Trimmers
Nose hair trimmer Always ensure you are in a well-lit area before using electric trimmers. Clean the nose beforehand so that the nose hairs are separated and free from dirt. Begin by trimming the lower hairs and continue trimming until they are no longer visible from below the nose line. Guide the trimmer from side to side to reach those hard-to-reach hairs.
According to customer reviews, the best nose hair trimmers are the Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and the Motokata Nose Hair Trimmer. These trimmers use dual rotary blades and are at the forefront of trimming technology, providing precision and accuracy, resulting in a clean and smooth trim.
Of course, nose hair trimming should be done conservatively, as Mother Nature gave us nose hair for several reasons. The hair in our noses acts as a barrier against bacteria and germs floating in the air, which are invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, nose hair warms and moistens the air we breathe in.
Removing too much hair would make us more prone to allergies, respiratory infections, and sinusitis. While the endless pursuit of retaining youth is increasingly common in modern society, always ensure to trim nose hair safely and conservatively to achieve a look of sophistication and distinction.
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