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Permanent Hair Removal Techniques

With an increasing societal emphasis in Western civilizations to have semi-bare bodies on parade flashing ultra-smooth, hairless skin, the hair removal industry has never been as thriving and competition so intense. Realizing the bane of temporary hair removal techniques, most of which need to be repeated every few days, permanent solutions are currently overflowing the market, leaving the ‘wannabie hairless’ more than a little perplexed about which option to choose. Fortunately help is at hand with an account of the most popular permanent hair removal methods available.
Laser Hair Removal:
The removal of unwanted hair from various parts of the body by means of a laser is an effective, popular, a venerable, and relatively new permanent hair removal solution. The heat from the laser destroys the follicle of the hair, causing the hair to fall out and disabling any re-growth.
laser epilation or hair removal Where this method prevails over other permanent types of hair removal is that it is comparatively painless. The method is popular with both men and women who are exhausted with the chore of shaving as often as every day.
Laser hair removal can be quite expensive and several sessions are required to achieve optimum results, although it is arguable that in the long-term laser treatments are cost-effective, as you do not have to keep buying razors and shaving foam. Nonetheless forking out as much as $500 a session is a lot of money by anyone’s standards.
Another major downside of this method is that it is only effective on dark hair encasing light skin. The lasers can only attack and destroy hair which contains dark pigment and is therefore virtually useless in removing light colored or red hair. It also has a tendency to discolour darker skin and is therefore unadvisable for people with dark or suntanned skin.
However for those who have dark hair, which is typically the ones who sought permanent hair removal methods, lasers are an efficient, popular and valuable tool in our quest to own the perfect body. So popular in fact that there are now many laser hair removal clinics in all major cities in the Western world, although be warned, it is imperative to find a reputable and officially qualified one, as to avoid disastrous results the treatment does need to be accomplished by a qualified technician.
Electrolysis has a vibrant and dynamic history which dates back as far as the 1800s. It is the only method of hair removal which has been officially labelled as ‘permanent’. Similar to laser treatments, electrolysis works by destroying the follicle of hair, which over a series of sessions impairs re-growth. A needle is interleaved underneath the skin and the electrical current damages the follicle.
Because electrolysis is so well-established and has such a long history, there is an abundance of literature written about this medical application as a method of removing hair. It has also been developed and refined over the decades that it is now an extremely effectual and safe technique. Where electrolysis is superior over laser treatments, is that it is effective on all hair colors and textures and does not just rely on dark pigment.
Although electrolysis has been often considered as painful and a topical anaesthetic is offered to clients, many people who have undergone electrolysis describe the sensation as ‘virtually painless’. Providing the procedure is performed by a reputable clinic and an experienced electrolygist, potential side effects are extremely low and normally are as mild as slight reddening of the skin, which usually disappears within a few hours.
If on the other hand, it is performed by a novice, scarring, blistering and burning of the skin can readily occur. Continuing on the downside, to achieve permanent hair loss by electrolysis it is a fairly long and drawn out process, which typically requires between 15 to 30 sessions.
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