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Why Shaving is Still an Effective and Popular Hair Removal Method
With all the modern hair removal techniques constantly being developed and improved and flooding the beauty clinics pamphlets, surely the old fashioned razor has lost its popularity and appeal? This presumption is however, far from the truth.
Whilst many women are succumbing to the tantalizing thought of never having to wrestle with a razor again and ending the depressing vision of being faced with unsightly stubble two days later, there are plenty who are soldiering on with razors as their preferred method of removing unwanted hair from their legs, underarms and various other parts of their body, purely because shaving has unique advantages that many of the modern and permanent hair removal solutions do not possess.
How to Use a Disposable Razor
Whilst shaving areas of the body such as the legs, underarms and bikini lines is extremely straightforward and simple, there is a basic procedure which needs to be carried out to ensure optimum results are achieved. When using a disposable razor the only tools you will require are the razor, some gel or foam and warm water. It is also recommended to apply some body lotion after shaving to soothe and moisten the skin.
Simply wet the area to be shaved with warm, soapy water to soften the skin and hair. Apply some shaving gel or lotion to ensure the razor glides across the skin more easily. If you are shaving underarms, shave in each direction as the hair under the arm grows in every direction, to ensure for a smoother finish. In comparison, if you are shaving legs, always shave upwards to optimize results, as the hair on the legs grows downwards.
Rinse the razor thoroughly after every stroke to remove the hair and foam and prevent the razor from clogging up and it becoming virtually useless. The best results are accomplished by using a sharp razor, it is therefore advisable to use a disposable razor no more than three times to ensure for the best possible finish. Once all the hair has been removed, rinse the foam off, dry the area and apply a moisturizing lotion if required.
How to Use an Electric Razor
Using an electric razor is essentially the same as shaving with a manual one but with less hassle and mess. No water or foam is required as optimum results are achieved when the skin is dry. You simply switch the razor on and shave legs in an upward motion and underarms in all directions keeping as close to the skin as possible.
It is advisable to use an electric razor very frequently, as often as every day or every other day, as electric razors are easier to use and most effective when they are cutting short, stubby hair. Apply a moisturizing lotion after shaving to moisten the skin. Once a month clean the razor thoroughly using an electric razor cleaner to remove any hair and debris which may have built up.
The Advantages of Shaving
•  It’s Painless!
Whilst the likes of plucking and waxing can make your eyes water just thinking about it, other more permanent methods of hair removal such as electrolysis, laser treatments and flashlamps, are often referred to as ‘virtually painless’, when shaving body hair can always be considered as ‘absolutely painless’.
Apart from the odd nick, often caused by hurried shaving or a blunt razor, shaving legs, bikini lines and underarms with either a normal razor or an electric one, is completely pain free – a major advantage, especially for those women with low pain thresholds!
•  It’s Fast, Convenient and Easy!
There’s no need for an appointment, no need for any prior research, no need to be nervously waiting in a sterile and characterless clinic, you can just pick up a razor, wet the hair and hey presto, ten minutes later have a beautiful, hairless body.
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