Wax Treatments

Waxing - Applying wax to the skin
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Wax Treatments – The Longer-lasting Temporary Solution to Hair Removal
While other temporary hair removal methods result in unsightly and prickly stubble appearing almost instantly, waxing leaves skin silky smooth and hair-free for a considerably longer period of time, making waxing the longest-lasting temporary hair removal solution.
Waxing is a highly effective method capable of achieving excellent results on any area almost immediately. It can be performed either at home with a DIY waxing kit or in a beauty salon by an expert.
While the technique is essentially the same, the wax can be applied either hot or cold. The results differ slightly depending on the temperature of the wax. Either way, waxing is a notoriously painful method of hair removal, causing the more sensitive individuals to stick with alternative methods such as shaving and depilatory creams.
If you are willing to endure the discomfort, the unique benefits of waxing unwanted hair from the skin are enough to convince many women, and some men, to become regular waxing enthusiasts.
How Hot Wax Works
Removing excess body hair with hot wax has been used for centuries and has been formulated with the same ingredients for generations. Both hot and cold waxes consist of either beeswax or paraffin resin.
The wax is melted and applied to the skin with a plastic spatula. It is left to cool for several minutes with a cloth on top of the wax so it can be removed. While the wax becomes cooler, it molds itself around the hair follicles, gripping them firmly.
Once the wax has completely cooled and become tacky in texture, the skin is pulled taut in the opposite direction of the way the cloth is to be removed. The cloth is then pulled quickly and sharply in an upward direction, and the hair is ripped from the skin by the roots, leaving the skin smooth, hairless, and sore!
Hot wax for hair removal
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The Advantages of Waxing
•  Unlike other temporary and permanent hair removal methods, both small and large areas of hair can be removed with hot wax. Simply cover the area with wax and use a bigger piece of cloth to remove larger clumps of hair.
•  Some hair removal techniques are only effective on certain hair colors, textures, and skin types. Waxing is not as discriminating and can remove hair of any shade and consistency from all types of skin. It works equally well on the finer hair typically found on the upper lip as it does on the coarser hair typically found on the bikini line.
•  The biggest advantage of waxing over other types of temporary hair removal is that the hair takes considerably longer to grow back. Although the rate of regrowth can vary between individuals and the effectiveness of the procedure, typically no hair begins to reappear for over a week. This is a pleasant relief compared to the unsightly stubble that starts to emerge almost immediately after shaving.
•  If the hair is waxed often enough, it can weaken the follicle and cause permanent loss of hair.
•  Because waxing is such a popular and effective method of hair removal, it is widely available at nearly all beauty salons and also comes in do-it-yourself home kits.
•  Although the price varies greatly between salons and the area being waxed, it is a relatively inexpensive method of hair removal that does not require a large upfront payment. The average price of an upper lip wax is approximately $12, while a half-leg wax will cost around $25.
•  The wax not only removes the hair at the root but also exfoliates the skin, leaving it ultra-smooth and silky.
•  Potential side effects of waxing are relatively minimal.
•  Waxing can be performed on practically all areas of the body.
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