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Flashlamp Hair Removal

Flashlamp Technology: A Safe and Permanent Solution to Hair Removal
Hair, indiscreetly sprouting across the body, can cause a great deal of anguish and leave the sufferer searching for ways to remove these unwelcome trespassers. Fortunately, because unwanted body hair is such a prolific problem, affecting literally millions of men and women worldwide, there are numerous hair removal methods available, offering both permanent and temporary solutions to the pervasive problem.
One such air removal solution is called ‘flashlamps’, otherwise known as ‘Intense Pulsed Light therapy’ (IPL). Unlike the wearisome task of shaving the body parts sheathed by unsightly stubble every few days, flashlamps provide an effective way of permanently removing unwanted body hair.
How Flashlamp Hair Removal Works
Monaliza Sienna flashlamp hair removal machine Similar to laser beams, flashlamps target the pigment of the hair. These handheld devices use high intensity pulses of full spectrum, non-coherent lights in conjunction with low range, infrared radiation which is then filtered to produce a specified wavelength light.
When aimed at problem hair, the filtered light flashes onto the skin and causes the hair on the skin to heat up. The mechanical and thermal reactions produced by the heat damages the follicles of the hair. Not only does the hair fall out, but the damage caused by flashlamps or IPL is so intense that it prevents the hair follicles from growing back.
Hair is made up of a pigment called melanin, which has two possible manifestations, eumelanin, which is the dark pigment and is found in dark hair, and phaeomelanin, which is the light pigment found in blonde and red hair. Because the wavelength light can only be absorbed by the pigment eumelanin, it is only an effective method of hair removal for those with dark brown or black body hair and is consequently an ineffective tool for those plagued by excessive amounts of fair or red body hair.
The History of Flashlamps
Initially flashlamps were developed as energy sources for laser beams. Throughout the 60s and 70s they were gradually used for medical purposes, particularly for the treatment of skin and eye disorders. Like other hair removal treatments, flashlamps used within this context were a byproduct of other medical applications.
By the mid-1990s, flashlamps were being used to treat vascular lesions, and it was during such treatment that it was noted that hair loss was a side-effect. In 1997, flashlamps as a form of hair removal was cleared in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Eleven years later, the method has gradually become more refined and sophisticated and has become an effective and popular way to eradicate unsightly and unwanted hair from the body.
The Advantages of Flashlamp Hair Removal
Unlike waxing, shaving, plucking and hair removal creams, flashlamp hair removal is a permanent hair elimination solution. Its ability to eradicate excess body hair permanently has to be flashlamp’s primary advantage. If any re-growth does appear, it has been regularly reported that this re-growth is fundamentally finer and lighter than the pervious hair.
When flashlamp hair removal is performed correctly by a professional technician it is an extremely safe method of hair removal. It is also widely testified that IPL is a ‘virtually painless’ hair removal technique and pain relief is not commonly required when undergoing flashlamp treatment.
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