Laser Hair Removal for Home Use

TRIA laser hair removal
TRIA Laser Hair Removal System
The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is a safe and FDA-cleared laser hair removal device for home use. This laser hair removal system is an effective and easy way for eligible individuals to achieve laser hair reduction in the privacy and convenience of their home. The results are lasting and eliminate the need for shaving, waxing, and hair removal appointments.
The TRIA laser removal system utilizes the same diode technology as professional lasers and delivers power levels that have been proven in clinical research to provide permanent hair reduction. TRIA pioneered professional laser hair removal technology in 1993, and their professional lasers are recognized as the standard among physicians. Since then, the TRIA scientific team has optimized the technology and adapted it to be safe for home use.
The TRIA laser operates on the principle of selective photothermolysis: beams of laser energy are absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair and converted into heat, which disables the hair follicle and prevents new hair growth. This process is most effective on hairs during their growth phase (anagen phase).
Since most hairs go through the active (anagen), transitional (catagen), and resting (telogen) phases over a six-month period, one treatment per month for 6-8 months is necessary to achieve complete results.
The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is cleared for use without a prescription by the FDA. When used as directed, the laser is proven to be safe and effective for individuals with light to medium skin tones and medium to dark hair. A skin chart on the box of the home-use laser displays the range of suitable skin tones. A skin sensor is provided to verify the skin tone and unlock the laser before a treatment.
The TRIA system cannot be used on individuals with medium to dark brown skin because it is specifically designed to interact with the dark pigment of the hair. Dark brown and black skin may absorb excessive laser energy and heat, potentially causing skin damage.
The laser's skin sensor will detect if your skin is too dark, preventing the laser from unlocking. Lighter hair colors such as light brown, blonde, red, or gray do not absorb sufficient laser energy to disable the hair follicle, as the laser requires darker hair color levels to activate.
The TRIA hom-use laser hair removal system is available from TRIABEAUTY.
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