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Style Tips for Women With Small Busts

What’s common between Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly, Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson and Thandie Newton? Yes, apart from being rich, intelligent and famous film stars, they are all naturally endowed with a small bust; in other words they are all flat chested. And they are all super sexy and super stylish, on or off the screen!
This is just a tiny little example to prove that the size of your bust has nothing to do with your sex appeal or glamour quotient. All that you need to do, like any girl irrespective of bust size, is to pay special attention to how you dress your self with regards to your body shape and size. A few tips and tricks and you are ready to bowl’em over!
Wear details
Keira Knightley • You can wear tops with ruffles, frills, embroidery at the neckline. All these add an illusion of weight to your top half and render your figure more proportionate. • Other details like pockets, patterns, buttons, zips etc on the bust area also do the same job of adding some fullness.
• Blouses gathering at bust, halter neck tops and empire waist tops are all good ideas as well.
• Try to avoid flat or plain styles as they accentuate the flatness.
• Wear an A-line skirt, its width will balance out the smallness of your top half.
• If you are endowed with shapely hips, try wearing the hipster jeans as that brings all the focus down to your bottom half.
Plunging necklines
• Yes that’s something that girls on the other side of the fence have to think twice before doing. Go for deep plunging necklines. This turns your ‘perceived’ weakness into the major attraction.
• However avoid v-shaped necklines, they are better on the bigger busts as they break up the bust and make it look smaller.
• Use accessories that can add some extra weight to your bust. E.g. knotted scarves that finish right in the middle of your bust make it look more fulsome.
• Similarly, heavy necklaces hanging up to the point where your bustline begin are a good idea.
• Small hand bags that you can clutch under the armpit also do the same job.
• You can wear tight stretchable material like lycra very well as it shows of any curves that you have. The bigger girls could look pretty awful in that (with the exception of Pamela Anderson!)
Prints and patterns
• Prints and patterns do a great job of adding interest to your outfit and take the attention away from your bust.
• Horizontal stripes gathering at bust, for example add width and weight to your
top half.
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