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The Bustier

A bustier is a very feminine piece of clothing that can be used to increase the sex appeal. At heart, it essentially remains a lingerie item, even though it can be worn over the dress as well. If worn properly, it can go a great distance in making you look absolutely fabulous. It can hide all the flaws of your top half and simultaneously enhance your bust by pushing your breasts upwards.
However if you make a mistake in choosing the right bustier, or in wearing it in the right manner, then it can produce quite disastrous results. That's why this write-up aims to enlighten you a bit about how to wear a bustier correctly:
Choose the correct size
lady wearing a bustier • This is of course the most important factor for choosing a bustier. The important thing here is the cup size. The bustier should have the exact cup size as you wear, the rest of the portion can be fitted without problem then.
• Consult a professional specializing in bra fitting and get your bustier fitted.
The fabric
• Bustiers are available in a myriad of fabrics. Before selecting the bustier feel its texture, to see if it's comfortable. The fabric is very important as the bustier comes in contact directly with your skin.
• If you have a sensitive skin, then something that would let some air pass would be good idea, similarly if you tend to sweat a lot then PVC or any such fabric would be a bad idea.
The design
• The design of the bustier is the next important consideration. Classically bustiers have been strapless, but now ones with straps are also available.
• A strapless bustier is great to wear under the strapless and off the shoulder dresses.
• If your waist or tummy is a bit on the heavier side then you might decide to go for a longer version of a bustier, which would tuck everything in and create a slimming effect.
• However, if you are already slim then you can opt for a shorter design of the bustier.
The effect
• When you try a bustier on observe yourself closely in the mirror. A bustier should be able to create a feel of fullness with regards to your bust. It does this by pushing your breasts up.
• However if you feel that it is compressing your breasts and creating an awkward shape, then try another one.
Back or front?
• Traditionally bustiers have been designed to be closed at the back, however now the front closing designs are available as well.
• Front closing designs are more practical if you have to do the dressing on your own. So decide based on your situation.
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