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How to Wear Skinny Jeans and Leggings

Skinny is in! No, I’m not talking about the skinny models, but about the skinny jeans and leggings, which are back with a bang from the ‘80s. Now your favorite pair of boot cut denims and wide-legs have taken the backseat in today’s fashion scenario. Skinny jeans are body hugging and don’t have any flare at the hem. Leggings are body hugging too same, but made of a thinner material, like lycra, cotton etc.
Skinny Jeans
Called with various other names, like cigarette pants, drainpipes, skinny pants, etc, skinny jeans have made a huge comeback the last couple of seasons. It definitely doesn’t seem like a style that’s about to go back into hiding because ladies around the world are definitely loving it. Made of classic denim combined with nylon, these jeans are meant for women who want to look slim in the leg area.
The elasticity of the skinny jeans gives you the advantage of taking off a few pounds from your legs. Well, not literally but “figuratively” (all puns intended!). It also tucks in your tummy, to make you look slimmer around the middle section as well. Apart from the elasticity, depending on the pattern of the fade and the shade (a rhyme to keep in mind!) your legs can end up looking considerably slimmer. Here are some tips for you:
1. For the Petite Girl: If you are petite, then you can wear the skin tight skinny jeans with a 10’’ leg opening. Top your jeans with trendy blouses like bell sleeved or dolman-sleeved tops and tunics and you’re all set to go. Skinny jeans will always look great on you babe.
2. For the Heavier Girl: If you are of a heavier build, go for the fade and shade pattern in a dark blue or even black. This will give the appearance of a much slimmer figure. Wear a longer belted tunic over your jeans to camouflage your heavy thighs if you like.
3. Shoe Rules: Always wear high heeled shoes with pointed toes with your skinny jeans to give you the appearance of having long, never ending legs. Of course they look incredibly cute with the ballerina flats as well. So if you’re going dressy, I’d pick the heels and the flats for a casual day of fun. If you have heavy calves, then wear tall boots over your jeans. They’re a brilliant disguise and look super hot.
Leggings are back too. Just look around at the shops and you’ll see bright colors and varied textures in leggings that definitely weren’t around before. If you just learn how to mix and match them with your outfits, they look awesome. Here are some tips for you to look your best in leggings:
1. Combine your legging with a mini skirt and see the effect. Always remember that dark colored leggings look fabulous and chose a color that goes with your top to look perfectly color coordinated. You can also wear a dress over you leggings, especially for work or similar formal events.
2. Leggings and tunics make a pretty amazing combination too. Choose a proper tunic according to your body type. For example straight cuts do wonders for apple body types. If you are slim, wear a mid-thigh length dress and if you are heavier, then wear a knee-length tunic or dress. Pair them with leggings for the ultimate winter look. It’s a classic style that never seems to go out of fashion.
3. Leggings come in various lengths from above the knees to ankle length. Choose leggings that suit your style and body type. Go for above the knee leggings only if you are a gym instructor or at least have the figure to look like one! If you are on the heavier side (like most of us), then choose leggings ranging from calf length to ankle length or even the classic stockings.
4. Use stylish flats with your leggings if you are tall or if your leggings are ankle-length. Ballet flats, skimmers etc go quite well with them. If you are short, then go for heels because the effect of the dark leggings and the hells combined create a lengthening illusion.
Leggings and skinny jeans will add fun and fashion to your wardrobe. So go on, try out some of these looks. It’s hard to go wrong with clothes this easy!
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