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The Classic Black Pants

The classic black pants are a must in every woman's wardrobe. Black pants not only create that elegant classic look but also create an illusion of that much-loved toned and slimmer look. Black pants are not just one kind pants but they can also be leggings, casuals, formals, and jeans and you can mix it up depending on the occasion. Here are some tips that will help you buy the perfect black pants for your wardrobe.
Black Leggings
Leggings are back in fashion and the black legging is a rage. Worn the right way, they can make a definite style statement. Black leggings come in variety of chic and comfy fabrics, like lycra and cotton and also in variety of styles like, calf length, capris, and ankle lengths. Wear your black leggings with tunics, dresses, tops, t-shirts, front-button tops and shirts, etc. The possibilities are enormous. Team up your leggings with flats, boots, heels, etc to style up your attire. In winter, add these leggings under your skirts, minis, or micro minis for warmth, comfort, and style. Nowadays black leggings come in new weaves and boast of antimicrobial and anti-UV attributes.
But before going for black leggings, always remember to choose the length that is right for your body type. If you are petite, then go for a calf length or Capri length legging that will add to your height. If you are on the heavier side, then choose a long top over your legging to make you look slimmer.
Black Casuals
Black casuals work great when your day includes meeting your girlfriends for lunch and shopping to gym in the evening or lounging around. Choose from body skimming to the relaxed cut with a range of widths and leg lengths. Go for a pair of bootleg yoga black pants for those days where you need to dash off to the exercise studio after work or choose a stretch draw cord black pants for traveling and wear it with a crisp cotton shirt or turtle neck or a white t-shirt for a relaxed look.
Black Formals
Choose a formal black trouser for those days where you need to look your professional best and stylish at the same time. Be sure to stock up on some cool tailor made black trousers in fabrics like cotton, silk, or satin for those heavy duty days at office.
Black Jeans
Black jeans look awesome whether in classic or modern cuts. Just buy the one which best suits your body type and gives you the best fit. If you have heavy thighs, then go for a bootleg or wide straight leg which will give a shapely or wider hip a balanced look and create a longer leg line. If you are slim, then you can wear those skinny jeans. While shopping for any jeans, just make sure that the waist line fits you comfortably and sits in the right spot so that there are no bulges over it or your panties showing from underneath your waistline. Pair your black jeans with the right kind of top, like t-shirts, dressy blouses, crispy shirts, a turtleneck, or sweater for winter days, etc. For those special occasions, go for dressy tops which are silky, sleek, and have lots of sparkle and shine.
Add that spice to your wardrobe with the black pants that suit your style. Create a whole new style range for yourself by simply pairing up black pants with different tops and accessories. A pair of black pants is absolutely essential for any girl's wardrobe. Here are some tips on what to wear with your black pants.
• If you want to create a lean silhouette go black from top to bottom. So you could wear a black top or a sweater and black boots with your black pants.
• To add a modern touch, go for a crisp white blouse and add a black beaded long necklace for the classic black and white look.
• Wear a bright colored top, like turquoise, deep pink, or bright green to add a dash of color to your attire. You can also wear a royal blue silk blouse for a sophisticated look. Also experiment with metallic finishes such as bronze, copper, gold or silver colors on your tops or accessories.
• You can always experiment with tops in a range of styles and cuts with your black pants. Try shirts that have an open neck, high turtlenecks, boat necks and crew necks and see what works the best for you. Add a halter top with your black pants if you want to look sensuous.
So go ahead and experiment with your black pants to create a style statement.
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