How to Wear Front Buttoned Blouses

irl with long blonde hair wearing a front buttoned blouse or shirt
Photo: Cookie Studio/Shutterstock
Just the other day, my girlfriends and I were shopping for some new tops and as we reached the front buttoned blouse section, we started debating whether they can be worn fashionably or not.
Well many times I have seen women wearing these front button blouses in the most unfashionable and boring ways and thus have slated these blouses only for matronly women. But if you combine them with the right accessories and wear these blouses in different styles, then you will be able to create new fashion with these.
Here are some tips to wear button front blouses more fashionably:
1. Wear them with Necklaces
Combine your front button blouses with necklaces. Wear a collared and long sleeved front buttoned blouse with long double-string necklace. You will add that extra oomph in your attire.If you like to wear only short necklaces, then wear them under your blouse collar. Wear the necklace in a color that complements your attire. It will add to your sophistication.
2. Wear them with Scarves
Combine a scarf and a front button blouse for the ultra chic look. A simple front buttoned blouse with a soft and colorful silk scarf can give you a stunning look. You can experiment with a front button blouse and various ways to knot a scarf to give the look you want. Wear a long or short scarf according to your liking.
3. Wear them with Belts
Check out those front buttoned blouses that come with a same fabric belt or even a contrast colored fabric belt. Both look awesome when worn properly. Recently I saw a woman sporting a printed front buttoned blouse with a belt. She looked very trendy and fashionable. Just as I thought this was the latest fashion discovery I made, I saw another girl sporting a satin high collared front buttoned blouse with contrast satin belt at a party and boy, did she look cool!
4. Tuck it and Wear a Trouser Belt
Go for a retro look with your front buttoned blouses. Tuck them in your trouser or skirt and wear a cool belt to highlight the blouse. I just bought this beautiful sleeveless ruffle front buttoned blouse, which can make heads turn if worn with a fabulous skirt or pants and tucked with a cool belt.
5. Collar them Up and Roll Up the Sleeves
To give a fashion statement and casual look with your front buttoned blouses, you can also wear them with upturned collars. You can also roll up your sleeves and sport some chic bracelet, to give a style to your front button shirt. But remember, not to combine both of these unless you want to sport a ruffian look.
6. Turtleneck it up
If you want to wear your front button blouse with a turtleneck, then pull the collar up to show from under the turtleneck. To add color to your dress, wear a bright colored front buttoned blouse with a mute colored turtleneck and pull out the collar of your blouse to show the contrast.
7. Add Bows
You can also look out for those front button shirts having bows in the front. They look ultra cool and feminine with skirts.
So now that you know how to wear those front button blouses more fashionably, be on the look out for the latest designs. These blouses have come a long way in fashion and now you have many designs to pick them up from. Choose from pin tucks, ruffle-trims, laced tops, etc. Go for the designs that best suits your body type and figure and see how these shirts are transformed from matronly to fashion musts.