Practical Tips for your Hair Salon

Hair stylists at a hair salon
Beginning, designing and furnishing a hair salon involves some practical thinking along with some thoughts about the atmosphere of your work place. Harness your thoughts for just a minute and keep your enthusiasm. Come with me and have an ear to listen because you have a lot of things to think about and many decisions to make.
Good planning on designing your hair salon comes from the type of ambiance, comfort and practicality. Are you in a small village or a medium sized town or a large city? What color scheme are you thinking about? In other words, country, conservative or city? Will it be a family-oriented salon or perhaps you are considering servicing the career girls and guys a bit more? All of these considerations need to be thought about, before you paint your walls red or put up a pony seat in the corner to cut children’s hair.
Ask friends who are in the same profession about their opinion or your relatives and spouse. These are people who really know who you are with all of your little quirks and will tell you the truth. You don’t have to take their advice, but listen to them and weight what they have to say, realizing there must be a hint of truth in what they say.
This will help you with all of the upcoming decisions you will be making. For example, if you are one who isn’t long on patience with children, it might be wise not to have a children’s corner or a playroom in the back of the hair salon for them. How could you work on the child’s mother if her darling keeps screaming and throwing temper tantrums because of the lack of attention?
I believe it was Socrates who said “Know Thyself.” In this case it means the limitations of your desires. Know what you want in the beginning and write it all down. When we write it down, we can look back and see it in a clearer way. We can see the whole picture. First we are going to talk about the…
What is more important than your employees? Depending upon where you live, something you must consider is the health of the employees of your hair salon. They are standing on their feet all day long under your employment. Do they have a rubber matt under their chair? As their employer it is vital that you care they have the right childcare and healthcare. This will be the lifeblood of your salon.
If they are giving you their best professional talent, you should care about their personal problems as well. Be empathetic when you can. They are giving their best for you, and you in return should give your best considerations for them. This means health care, dental care, paid holidays, paid pregnancy and time off care and even child care. If you show concern toward your employees, they will love you and will want to give you their best work and prove to be faithful and loyal employees.
Color is a big consideration when planning the décor of a hair salon. Most salons are neutrally colored with sand, beige, brown, metallic or battleship (oh hum) gray walls with sand, beige, black and sometimes gorgeous red stationary chairs. The pros of this type of designing are that neutral thinking will go with the lobby chairs and whatever you decide to put on the walls. This is a big plus with neutrals, they go with everything. Sometimes you will see wood grained sets at the station and chair.
The cons are that neutral thinking is just like everyone else: neutral. Meaning: medium, make no splash, go easy and don’t make waves. Something big to consider is to follow your own color passion. Connect with something that spells who you are and what your hair salon will represent. Different colors represent different things to people.
If you are neutrally minded, then go neutral. Everyone who has ever become famous has stepped outside of their comfort zone! Look out your window and you will realize that any shade of green that you are looking at will go with any color theme of your heart’s desire.
Green is neutral! Bold daring walls of a vibrant luminescent green trimmed with a pulsating rich blue will stop anyone in their tracks whoever walks through your door. Instead of the usual gray or black chairs, why not purple or a hypnotic bronze? There you have your three colors of green, blue and purple/bronze. Or if you aren’t into purple, think about a pretty yellow.
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