Practical Tips for Your Hair Salon (4)

Shampooing a salon client's hair
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The client is seated in the latest adjustable chair with their legs up and out to enjoy this pleasurable service while you massage their head. I've had many clients tell me that having a good shampoo was the best part of the whole service. A good shampoo is like a massage and relaxes your client from the stresses of their day.
There are things you can skimp on when starting a hair salon, but a shampoo bowl and chair shouldn't be one of them. To sum it up, you should consider the comfort of your client and your feet, legs, and back. If you are hurting, how much enjoyment can you provide to your client?
A Rubber Mat
Always have rubber mats around every chair where you work; it will help your legs, feet, and back. Have the rubber mat around the shampoo bowl, tinting area, and around your employees' stationary chairs. If you are working for someone else, purchase your own if they do not have one. And when you leave, take it with you. You paid for it.
If you are going to have a three- to five-station hair salon, make sure all of your stylists have rubber mats so they can stay in good health and not have problems later on. What you do early on in your job will affect you later on in life, so make sure you take care of yourself and those who will be working with you.
Hair salon chairs with rubber mats
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This may seem irrelevant, but don't be silly and insist on working in stilettos. They are for Hollywood and Hollywood only! It is true that some hair salons still insist on having the glamour of their stylists working in 7 inch heels, but be real! How much good can they accomplish when their backs are hunched over trying to give a precise haircut? This is not to say what these heels will do for them in the long term. Think long-term and think about yourself!
When you take your client back to the dispensary, it is vital to have everything at your fingertips without any straining on your part. Everything needs to be within easy reach. If you need a special shampoo for dandruff, it is important that you can make eye contact with the location and know ahead of time that it is easily accessible.
This means that every type of shampoo and conditioner that you have must be refilled at the end of the day before anyone goes home. All moisturizing shampoos and conditioners should be easily accessible for you and convenient for those who work for you.
Styling Chairs
Styling chairs should be accommodating to the stylist and comfortable for your client. There are some hair salon chairs that are actually dangerous and can tip too easily. With this in mind, always look at the base of them and consider safety a paramount factor. Look for those who have a heavy sturdy base.
Hair salon styling chairs
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There are write-ups about the safety issues of the individual hair salon chairs. If you are not looking online but talking to a company, be sure to ask them about the safety features in each chair you are looking at. This could mean less liability insurance for you to pay for in the long run.
There will always be clients who will step down onto the footrest to get off of the chair. When this happens, be sure to hold onto the back of their chair while they get off and make sure they are out of their chair safely before you walk away. Go for the practical instead of the flashy, because you want your name and your chair to last a long time.
A good idea is to purchase plastic covers for the tops and armrests to extend the life of your chairs. The ideal chair is one that can be adjustable and tilted back if the client requests a brow wax. Don't be in a rush. Do your homework and research and ask a lot of questions! Above all, do not let children play on the chairs.
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