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Practical Tips for your Hair Salon (4)

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Shampoo Bowls and Chairs
      Although you may be watching your finances, it would be best to try to get the best shampoo bowls and chairs you can possibly afford. The reasoning is because of your back and your clients comfort. The standard shampoo bowl and chair is normally very uncomfortable for your client while you stand on the side stretching your body to twist around to adjust to the chair to shampoo her hair. Not good. The client isn’t really very comfortable because she is not able to put her legs up and she is also trying to adjust to the chair and bowl as well.
shampooing a salon client's hair       Some clients have short necks and this contributes to a special problem for her and the shampooer, as usually it can be almost impossible to wash and rinse a head of hair with a short neck without getting water all over the place, on the floor or on her back and so with the twisting and stretching on both sides, there can be back problems that arise. The latest equipment is designed for you to be able to shampoo your client’s hair from the back of the bowl with less back problems. In this way, the client's head is right there in front of you; usually at the height of your stomach. Most important is when you are having your bowls installed to make sure the shampoo bowls are up at a reasonable height to accommodate your height and your back.
      The client is seated in the latest adjustable chair with her legs up and out to enjoy this pleasurable service while you massage her head. I’ve had many a client tell me that having a good shampoo was the best part of the whole service. A good shampoo is a massage and relaxes your client from the stresses of their day. There are things you can pinch on while beginning a salon but a shampoo bowl and chair shouldn’t be one of them. To sum it up, you are to consider the comfort of your client and your feet/legs and back. If you are hurting, how much enjoyment can you extend to your client?
A Rubber Mat
      Always have rubber mats around every chair where you work, it will help you with your legs, feet and back. Have the rubber mat around the shampoo bowl, tinting area and around your stationary chairs of your employees. If you are working for someone else, buy your own if they do not have one and when you leave; take it with you, you paid for it. If you are going to have a three to five station hair salon, make sure all of your stylist’s have rubber mats so they can stay in good health and not have problems later on. What you do early on at your job will affect you later on in life, so make sure you take care of yourself and those who will be working for you.
      This may seem irrelevant but, don’t be silly and insist on working in stilettos; they are for Hollywood and Hollywood only! It is true that some hair salons still insist on having the glamour of their stylist working in 7 inch heels but be real! How much good can they accomplish when their backs are hunched over trying to give their precision haircut? This is not to say what these heels will do for them long term. Think long term, and think about you!
      When you take your client back to the dispensary, it is vital to have everything at your finger tips without any stretching on your part. Everything needs to be within an easy reach. If you need a special shampoo for dandruff, it is important that you can make eye contact with the location and know ahead of time of its easy reach. This means that every type of shampoo and conditioner that you have must be filled up at the end of the day before anyone goes home. All moisturizing shampoos and conditioners should all be an easy access for you and convenient for those who work for you.
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