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Set the rules straight right from the start. There will be no gossiping allowed about any client or each other. Hair salons are noted for their gossip and even joked about, but in the end none of it is funny because we are talking about another’s name. If we aren’t saying something nice about the person, then we are defaming his name and destroying his character through the process.
Be forewarned nothing has ever succeeded through gossip except destroying the talebearers, and in the end the salon gets a blackened name. With this in mind, remember everything always gets back to the one you just talked about. Gossip can put your career on the line and in the end it isn’t worth the punch it is made of.
As a potential employer, it is important that you be an example and lead the way to dressing professionally in front of your employees. As stated previously, this doesn’t mean wearing stiletto-high heels and two-inched finger nails to convince someone that you know what you are doing. However, it does mean no cleavage. Leave that to the parties and bar scene.
Depending upon your hair salon depends on whether you would wear denim. If you do, don’t wear any low cuts. No one wants to see your belly button except your boyfriend and that should be at home or at your party. First impressions mean a lot and remember you do not get a second chance. Think conservative. You can have color, but be professionally conservative about it. You can wear denim, as long as it covering everything.
Please don’t wear cologne to work. Many are allergic to it and will break out or start sneezing. Do not chew gum while you work. It is unethical and denotes a poor standard.
No smoking at all inside of the hair salon, as the smell will gravitate throughout the whole place. If you must smoke, do it outside or in your car. Besides, those around you smell the smoke in your clothes.
Do not swear or use bad language in front of the clients or other fellow workers. Do not pour your personal problems out to the clients. They have their own problems and did not come to hear about your troubles, but to be pampered and to have a professional service.
Narcotics or drinking are prohibited while at work.
No pets. If you make allowances for one, this will mean others will follow. Besides, it is against the law in some places to bring a pet in the hair salon.
As a salon owner, do not talk to your workers about your other workers. This lacks leadership, is a double standard and is poor taste and it will get back to them.
Beginning a hair salon demands a lot to be thought about and one of the best ways to begin is to write it all down starting with your priorities. Favorite colors and favorite section of town where you would like to begin. Make sure you have enough capital to sustain you for at least a year. Emergencies come up and you will want to deal with them immediately.
If you are considering a small in house salon, make sure you have a private entrance along with a restroom. Be faith to keep regular hours so your clients can depend upon those days to come. Taking the time to attend to details will assure you for a successful and happy hair business in the years ahead.
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