Practical Tips for Your Hair Salon (2)

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Yellow is a happy color and is considered very optimistic and bright. Yellow is mentally very uplifting. When you decorate your walls with yellow, try not to go too bright. Go for a Mediterranean yellow, something between mustard and gold or a pale light sheen. I walked into a hair salon that was filled with the color pink, and everything was divinely pink. I must say, it was totally captivating, to say the least. I'm not sure how many men walked in. But if the gentlemen liked the haircut they were getting, I don't think the walls mattered to them.
When it comes to color, you don't have to go with the flow. You can follow your heart's desire to a certain extent. When I say extent, I'm talking about how artists can sometimes go overboard when it comes to color. Conservative people will walk through your salon door and see your red and turquoise walls trimmed in purple and turn right around and go out the door as quickly as they came in because they fear what this crazy person might do with their hair. Therefore, when it comes to color, go for the gusto but skim off the foam. You can always go wild at home, but not at your salon.
Reception Desk
First impressions mean everything in the beauty industry. You can have a nice reception desk with an attractive receptionist, but unless there is a vibrant, kind, and patient personality behind the desk, it won't say much for your hair salon. If she has a dry personality, your hair salon will appear dry, cool, and uncaring. However, if you have someone who has an outgoing, considerate, and tenderhearted personality, this will give the right tone to your salon.
If she doesn't know much about the business, but has the type of personality mentioned, you can always teach her the ropes. Avoid the too chatty or gossipy nature, because this will give your business an atmosphere of too much informality and mistrust. The ideal understanding right from the start is to state in a legal contract that there will be no gossiping about their employer, employees, or clients at any given time, and if found engaging in such behavior, they will be dismissed immediately.
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Your hair salon can be of a higher standard. There are professional assessments that you can order and use to give to your potential employees that will give you a great deal of insight into how they are and what their priorities in life are. Having a people person is not discriminatory of age. Someone who has a sunny smile at the front desk is of utmost importance because they are representing you and your salon. It is the first person people hear on the phone and the first person they see when they walk into your business. You will want them to be the best.
Towels may seem like a small thing, but when they are needed they become a very important thing. Towels are a big deal when you are considering opening up a hair salon. If you buy your own towels, once again, color takes precedence because white towels show the stains of dyes very easily and the stains are hard to remove. However, when you buy colored towels such as blue or dark green, the stains won't be as noticeable when you wash them and they seem to last longer.
Draping your client in a tint-stained white towel can become a major topic of conversation that you should avoid in the first place. If you don't, you will find yourself having to give all kinds of explanations of “this towel is really clean, but just looks dirty.” How professional does that really sound, and what does that say about your hair salon? If you decide to opt for towels, give the location of your washer and dryer good consideration, preferably in the back and work out the laundry time with your employees.
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Everything should be washed and dried before you close the shop every day. One suggestion is to have a towel service. This will be a tax-deductible service and the company automatically knows their towels will be soiled when they come and pick them up. You will never have to wash towels. However, keep a washing machine and dryer available, just in case.
Location of the Towels
As if towels are not a major contribution to opening up a hair salon, so is the location of them a major consideration because you will want to have a pile of them at your station. There will be times when you will be spritzing your client's hair while giving a haircut and will have to dab her face from the droplets. You will need towels!
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