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Practical Tips for your Hair Salon (6)

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      Another consideration about the children’s room is their toys. Anything with sharp edges or toxic insides to them are a no no. Children will fight with toys and also put them in their mouths. You can have a television set on with a children’s program and a few plastic chairs around.
Cutting Children’s Hair
      The way to the mother’s heart will always be through her child, but are you really ready and do you have the patience? Many a child’s first haircut ends up being a horrid experience for the hairstylist and the child because the child refuses to sit still. I’ve even seen mother’s hold their child on their lap, while holding the child’s head forcing him to have his hair cut; instead of making them sit still; while the hairstylist breaks her back to try to give a good haircut in this most unprofessional and uncouth way. Meanwhile, the child is screaming and waving his arms and legs to get out of the stranglehold. What a dilemma a child’s first haircut can be.
      In time, I refused to cut any misbehaved child’s hair in fear of poking their cheeks or nipping their ears with my scissors. Ironically, when you tell the mother to take a walk around the block or go shopping while you have the little tyke in your chair; you can talk to him about the seriousness of the procedure and the majority of time they will straighten up and be still and love coming back to you.
Children’s Corner
      There are whole salon’s built around children with fantasy chairs for them to sit on while you cut their hair, but unless you have a well behaved child, none of the accessories will work. If you are gifted with dealing with children and their demanding ways, you might consider having a Children’s Corner in your hair salon. The children’s corner would be a special place filled with bright poka dotted colors on the walls and maybe a television to keep them occupied while you do their hair. The whole idea is to keep their minds busy while both of you chat so you can cut.
Your Own Station
Styling the hair of a salon client       The location of your hairdressing station usually depends upon how your hair salon is laid out, you might not want it too far away from the reception desk, just so you can oversee what is going on and it is important that it not be too far away from the wet stations so your client won’t have to walk three rooms away or in front of a bunch of other women or men while her hair is in foils or tint. In some hair salons, there are separate rooms for the colorist to apply the color, along with a shampoo bowl and chair and the restroom is usually a step away.
      While deciding how you would like to design your salon, another decision is to ask yourself if you want these separate rooms. More always means more financially. There are ways you can cut corners and add on as you grow. If you have a colorist who will be doing all of your colors and do not have the means or plans for a separate room at the time, why not consider a folding portable petition? They have some very attractive ones that are sure to go with your color theme and is a good way to begin. Women do not necessarily want to be seen with their hair in curlers, with tint on, foils or with perm rods in their hair. Women like their privacy going through their beautifying process.
Things You Should Have
      Besides the comb out stations and wet stations, there are always dryers to consider to speed up the process of perming, tinting, bleaching or foiling. You could always begin with two and increase your amount as you increase your productivity.
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