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Practical Tips for your Hair Salon (5)

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Styling Chairs
Hairdresser and hair salon styling chair       Styling Chairs should be accommodating to the stylist and comfortable for your client. There are some hair salon chairs that are actually dangerous and will tip too easily, with this in mind, always look at the base of them and consider safety an important factor. Look for those who have a heavy sturdy base. There are write ups about the safety issues of the individual hair salon chair. If you are not looking online but talking to a company, be sure to ask them about the safety features in each chair you are looking at, this could mean less liability insurance for you to pay for in the long run.
      There will always be clients who will climb down upon the foot rest to get off of the chair, when this happens be sure to hold on to the back of their chair while they do get off and make sure they are out of their chair safely before you ever walk away. Go for the practical instead of the glitz because you want your name and your chair to last a long time. A good idea is to purchase plastic covers for the tops and arm rests to extend the life of your chairs. The ideal chair is one that can be adjustable and tilted back if the client requests a brow wax if there isn’t a separate room for this service. Don’t be in a hurry. Do your homework and research and ask a lot of questions! Above all, do not allow children to play on the chairs.
      Restrooms in a hair salon should be immaculate because people judge a place by the cleanliness of their bathrooms. If possible, it would be good to have a his and hers because there are some women who would never go into a mixed bathroom. It would also be good to have a special third bathroom if possible, for your employees only. Assign different hours to your workers to check the bathrooms continually and to see what is needed. When your salon builds up, you might consider hiring a cleaning girl to sweep up the hair and continually clean up the restrooms. Little by little and you will be a success.
      Are you considering a playroom in your hair salon for the children that come? That would be a good idea as long as you have someone in there who is overseeing their playtime. Children will throw toys at each other, point, threaten and accuse the other child when something happens, fall and hurt themselves and always cry. They will bring their treats in there and the treats, such as gum or gooey cookies or candy that will stick to the toys and play chairs. Ask yourself if this is what you would like. Putting them all in a room together doesn’t mean they are going to get along or be quiet. This is why if you decide to go this route, the ideal answer would be to have an overseer to prevent them from falling or throwing things.
      The location of the children’s room should be as far away from the lobby as possible. You don’t want those waiting to have their hair done, hear the rumblings and mustering going on in the room. Another thing to consider if you have the playroom is to first get a quote from your insurance agent to find out how much the liability will cost you when Jr. falls and breaks his arm. You could think to yourself, “how much could happen in only one hr?” Well if Jr. can fall in a minute we also know that little Gretchen can also slip on a toy truck and flip right over Jr. at the same time. In realizing this, we know that things can happen in a minute, and it doesn’t take a whole hour to achieve disaster. Be prepared way ahead of time.
Children’s Toys
      Again, most important is to have an overseer that will be watching them continually to see if all is well. A good idea is to have your attorney draw up a contract for the parent to sign that will hold you not liable for what happens in the playroom while they are getting their hair done. You are not a babysitting service.
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