How to Create a Formal Up-style with a Short Bob

People are always wary when it comes to creating curls on shorter hair because of the inherent fear of ending up with poufy piglet curls that stand up in the air.
This needn’t be the case though, as with a little practice and the right tools, you can easily create beautifully modern and sophisticated formal hairstyles even on a short bob. Have fun with this!
  • Up-style-with a short bob
  • Formal hairstyle on a short bob
  • Formal look for short hair

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1. What you’ll need: Flat-iron, hairspray and styling products of choice, heat-protection spray, clips and bobby pins.
2. Note we’re using hair that has just been washed and is still wet. Usually we use dry hair that has been washed the day prior when doing an up style. But with short hair, the hair becomes saturated in sebum very quickly, consequently making the hair looking dirty or dull. Thus with this short bob, it is always better to first wash the hair when creating any style.
  • Hair that is washed and still wet
  • Blow-drying for a healthier hair shaft
  • Style the side of the hair
  • Create curls on a short bob

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3. Blow-dry the hair with your blow dryer only until the hair is about 80% dry. Always blow dry the hair with the blow dryer held above the head of the model, with the stream of hot air blowing downwards on the model’s head. This will help to close the cuticles of the hair, and in effect create a healthier looking and more manageable hair shaft.
4. Move to the side of the model and draw out a two inch section just above the ear with the sharp end of your tail comb. Secure the rest of the hair with a clip to remove it from your working space. Note that we immediately start with the sides of the hairstyle. This is because the hair at the back of the short bob is too short to curl.
5. Use you flat-iron in the twisting technique where you twist the flat-iron in a 180 degree fashion to create the perfect curl. If you’re unfamiliar with this technique or you prefer the round barrel curling tong, you may create the curls in this manner as well.
Remember to take extra care when using heat appliances in the area of the ears and face. Spray each section of curls with medium-hold hairspray when you’ve completed the section.
  • Short bob with curl in the hair
  • Hair styling for old-school glamour
  • Short bob with curls
  • Modern bob with curls

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6. Continue this procedure in sections of two inches at a time, so that you steadily progress towards the top of the head. Continuously spray the hair with hairspray to ensure that the curl in the hair holds.
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