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How To - Hair Updos (2)

Flowers in Your Hair
All over the world women wear flowers in their hair. Flowers can transform simple hairstyles into adorable creations, but they also tell messages.
A Comfortable Up-Style
Styling technique for an up-style that is more comfortable for those women with tender scalps.
Lady Gaga Inspired Egyptian Up-Style
How to create a Lady Gaga inspired up-style with colored hair extensions and a hair band. A great hairstyle for a homecoming ball.
Up-style with Feathers for a Long Bob
How to create an up-style with feathers for a long bob. Illustrated step-by-step instructions.
Pictures of Special Occasion Hairstyles
Photos of updos for parties and special occasions and information about the techiniques used to make them.
Celebrity Updos
Photos op celebrities wearing their hair up. Many with descriptions on how to create them yourself.
Crop Circles: A Braided Up-Style
Braids in up-style designs are usually done as accents or as foundations upon which the main design is anchored. This up-do however is done using only braiding techniques.
Celebrity Formal Hairstyles
A selection of beautiful celebrity up styles and how you can create them yourself.
Computer Hairstyling
Updos you can try on a photo of yourself, with instructions on how to create them.
Books about Updos
Books with samples and instructions for updos and formal hair styles.
Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts
The volumizing plastic hair inserts take your hair from flat to fabulous without the use of heavy gels or creams. Great for dramatic up-dos.
Create a variety of up-style effects for weddings, prom or the holidays with clip-in pre-curled hair extensions. Styles available: spiral curls, French curls, wired braids, fans and fountains.
Haughty Hair
Create beautiful up dos with Haughty Hair clip-ons. Hair add-ons for instant extra hair length to create the formal hairstyle you've always wanted.
Knot-Weave Up-Style
An up-style design that is both interesting and fun. A style that is easily created and adaptable by changing the pattern of woven strands as desired.
Medium Length Hair Updo
Instructions for an up style on shorter (mid length) hair.
Smooth Up-Style
An easy long hair up-style for those women who want a smooth sleek finish to their formal hair-do.
Special Occasion Hairstyles
A collection of hairstyles suitable for most special occasions, and instructions on how to create them.
The Twisted Knot
How to accomplish this elegant and sophisticated up-style in under 10 minutes.
A quick and simple evening look.
Twist with a Spray of Curls
A style that can be achieved in under half-an-hour, and that is great for those with heavy hair.
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