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Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles for Women

For the newest hair cut, color, and style, platform artist Randy Topham demonstrates how to use the latest techniques to achieve the newest looks. In Aesthetic VideoSource's new Platform Artistry DVD series for women, Randy Topham demonstrates innovative techniques for cutting, coloring, and styling women's hair at different lengths: short, mid-length, and long. Each DVD features two hair models, each with a cut, color, and two hairstyles to illustrate their versatility. The styles will bring clients back again to your salon to keep up to date and fresh.
short hair cuts for women In Short Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles (1 Hr. 44 Mins.), Randy Topham demonstrates how to create a variation on a sharp short bob by framing the sides with a sloping fringe and long bangs with shears; deposit color, leaving natural hair color as highlighter with a protective clear color for a soft blend from root to tip; then style for a sleek forward flair or for an elegant evening out with loose, creatively shaped curls.
With the second haircut, Randy Topham feather-edges with a razor for a disconnected, funky yet chic hairstyle; pops the blonde with panels of shadow with color blocking; and, styles for a spontaneous look with scrunching and for a luxurious sleek style with sculpted touches created with fibrous gum.
  • creatively shaped curls
  • modern variation on a bob
  • funky short haircut
  • spontaneous short haircut
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mid-length hair cuts In Mid-Length Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles (1 Hr. 52 Mins.), Randy Topham demonstrates how to clipper cut hair in pie-shaped sections for soft-edged layers; provide all-over color with diagonally weaved sections of highlights to accent the cut; and, style for everyday chic or curl with a flat iron to achieve loose curls and body for an elegant evening look.
He also shows how to shear cut, thin, and splice along the edge for a jag; highlight with demi-permanent glaze; and, whip up the edges for a polished, smooth daily look or create an explosive evening hair style with zig-zag and cork-screw curls using an andoul iron and rouge them for body.
  • hair with pie-shaped sections.
  • mid-length loose curls
  • zig-zag curls
  • hair cut thin with shears
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long hair cuts In Long Cuts, Colors & Styles (1 Hr. 52 Mins.), Randy Topham demonstrates how to create volume without losing hair length with shorter, choppy layers along the top and layers around the face for a soft shape; touch up highlights, create a dark base for depth, and alternate colors, all with a freehand balayage technique against a foil board; quick style with a blow dry for a sleek, casual look; and, curl with a flat iron and back comb to create a sexy look that's all glamour.
For the second hair model, Randy Topham removes weight throughout in pie-shaped sections by pulling hair up and sliding shears out to the ends; weaves in a high lift tint on virgin hair with a freehand technique; scrunches naturally wavy hair and blow dries for a loose, spontaneous look; and, creates a stylish dread lock look sporting separated curls with jutty ends.
  • sexy look with curls
  • casual long sleek hairstyle
  • natutrally wavy long hair
  • stylish dread lock look
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