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Shorter Layered Cut, with Weight Line

How to Cut this "Short Sophisticated Elegant Style"

  • short haircut - before
  • short haircut - side view
  • short haircut - rear view
  • short haircut for a delicate face
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For women (and some men) with finer-boned and more delicate features, the shorter layered hairstyles today are stunning. As a variation of the Pixie Cut, our demonstration features a Weight Line, which is a clearly delineated length on the top layers of the haircut. The style is versatile, and can be just as sophisticated and elegant as the woman who wears it. It can also be soft and casual, or a little wild.
Step One:
Shampoo and condition the hair, towel dry and comb out any tangles. If the hair is longer, then section it off to make it easier to work with. However, when you're simply taking an already short hairstyle shorter still, there's no need.
Step Two:
diagram for a short layered pixie cut Start in the front of the head and decide on the length for the fringe (or bangs) area. Comb the hair straight forward and hold it so that the hair you hold makes a straight, horizontal line to the top of the head. Cut this segment to the desired length and this length will be your guide. Repeat this step on each side, directly above the ears, using segments approximately one to one-and-one-half inches deep. Finally, set your guide in the back of the head, in the same manner. Return to the front of the head and, working your way around one side, then the other, blend the front length to the side lengths. Then, move to the back of the head and do the same, working your way forward around to each side.
Step Three:
Starting in the back of the head, comb vertical segments of the hair and hold them out horizontally. Cut the hair at an angle toward the neck. (The hair at the occipital bone - the point where the head and neck meet - will be the shortest.) Work your way around each side in turn, using the angled cut line as a guide to cut the hair from top to bottom.
In our demonstration, we chose not to cut a definitive line at the perimeter of the hair on the sides, preferring instead a freer "terminus" to the hair cut.
Initially, we finished this cut by styling the hair using a good amount of gel to slick the hair straight back from the face. We then used wrapping strips (available at your beauty supply store) to hold the ends of the hair in place and flat to the head. The style was accented with a few pin curls at the fringe area, and allowed to dry. Once dry the hair was combed out to loosen the gel and soften the look.
The result is a well-groomed, clean-cut style that will stand up to the busiest day, or night. For a sleeker look, or to go from work to an evening style, simply lightly mist the hair with water, and re-comb it to add some definition. Re-position the newly-damp pin curls at the fringe area with your fingers and you're good to go.
We decided to make an alternate style by washing the hair again and using gel, to blow dry the style. By blowing the hair downward and styling it with the fingers alone, we get a very soft, very casual style. A little moisture on the fingers as you work the dried hair on top, allows for some added definition to the style, without losing the casual look.
Advice: Practice this hair cut on a manikin before trying it out on a real person.
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