Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles for Men

Business cuts for men
For the newest cuts, color, and styles, platform artist Randy Topham demonstrates how to use the latest hair cutting and styling techniques to achieve the latest looks for men.
In Aesthetic VideoSource's Platform Artistry video series for men, Randy Topham demonstrates innovative techniques for cutting, coloring, and styling men's hair at different lengths, for different textures and for different lifestyles: business, metro, and sport. The resulting hairstyles will bring clients back again to keep up to date and fresh.
Each DVD features 4 models, each with a cut, color, and hairstyle. Throughout each, Topham also provides tips on men's hair coloring, pricing, and marketing to attract male hair salon clientele.
In Business Cuts, Colors & Styles (1 Hr. 43 Mins.), Randy Topham demonstrates 4 cuts for more conservative and business-minded male clients. A clean cut, a point cut at an angle for a jagged edge without lines suggesting that two-week later look.
The conservative look with texturizing shears for more styling options. A classic cut incorporating natural wave. And a versatile basic conservative cut with high sides cut with clippers and the top shear cut, maintaining some length.
For each, Topham shows how to provide subtle highlights with distinctive techniques and discusses different hair styling options.
Metro haircuts for men
In Metro Cuts, Colors & Styles (1 Hr. 45 Mins.), Randy Topham demonstrates four haircuts for your edgier, fashion-forward male clients: A shagged out top with tight sides for a more classic yet casual style, thinned and texturized by razor cutting twisted lengths of hair.
A faux-hawk with a twist and tight cropped sides without lines. An asymmetrical, glam rock inspiration dry haircut with shears. And a razor cut for a taper-edged, spiked feel, with long bangs and length all over.
Randy also shows four innovative hair coloring techniques (paneling, creating a shine line, foil coloring ponytailed segments, and a 3-color merge) and styling options to illustrate the versatility of the haircuts.
Sport cuts for men
In Sport Cuts, Colors & Styles (1 Hr. 55 Mins.), Randy Topham demonstrates four haircuts for your more casual, sport-oriented male clients: Opened-up shaping for long natural curls, created with a bricking shear technique to remove excess weight. Updated mop top with a long top and tight sides texturized with a feathered razor.
Texturized curly hair with a basic shear cut. And a shoulder-length haircut, texturized by twisting strands and randomly hitting with a trimmer and notching with shears to remove weight. Randy also shows four different hair coloring techniques (weaving, coloring to leave natural highlights, scrunching on highlights, and lightening and darkening with a hand-painted balayage technique) and various hair styling options.