How to Cut Square Layers or Box Layers

Square layers or box layers hair cutting diagram
Square layers (also known as box layers) are a popular style element in most of today's current haircuts. This technique creates well-defined groupings of layers and is ideal for women with long, thick, and wavy hair who want to prevent their hair from looking too bulky or voluminous towards the bottom of the hairstyle.
The square/box layering technique creates distinct lengths throughout the hairstyle. These lengths are layered on their own, creating a tiered effect as each "layer set" builds upon the set below it, distributing the majority of the hair vertically within the style.
Creating square layers is relatively simple. The hair should be divided into horizontal sections on each side of the head. The number of sections depends on the desired number of "layer sets" and the overall length of the hair.
As you cut the hair from the bottom up, the segments of section you are working with should be elevated so that the top of the segment is at 90-degrees elevation and the hair underneath is all brought up to the same point. The effect is that the top of the segment is completely horizontal, while the bottom of the segment is angled upward from the scalp to your fingers. If you want to create shallower layering in the style, simply decrease the elevation.
Work from the center-back to the front on each side and continue upward with the next section in the same manner, cutting the hair shorter with each subsequent section upward for the tiered effect. Once the top section has been cut, you can use a razor or scissors to add texture to the hair according to your preference.
The razor is the most commonly used tool for texturing in this technique. It helps to further blend the layer sets and gives the hair a softer, more romantic appearance.
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