The Faux Hawk Haircut

Faux hawk haircut for men
The traditional Mohawk haircut was a staple style of the punk movement in the 80’s that went through multiple incarnations, and slowly became somewhat main stream. The style even became popularized by the U.S. television celebrity, Mr. T, of the show “The A-Team” and the “Rocky” films. Even in its more main stream days it was a style that dictated non-conformity, and was only suitable for individuals who didn’t need (or want) to “fit in” with the norms of society.
However, the evolution of the Mohawk style has brought us to a modern variation which as been named the “Faux Hawk” (also known as the pseudo-hawk, and front hawk). In this style, the hair is only clipper-cut (or scissor-cut) short (as opposed to being shaved completely) leaving the longer “strip” of hair down the center of the head. In addition, where a traditional Mohawk style uses sharp lines in the style, the Faux Hawk is often textured to blend the distinction between the two lengths of hair.
The Faux Hawk is ideal for individuals who are looking for a style with a trendy, slightly-rebellious look, but who need to be able to fit in with their mainstream lifestyles, or corporate work environments.
The “strip” can be minimized or maximized as preferred for an individual situation through styling. The hair strip can be as long as desired, but is usually one-or-two inches longer than the shorter lengths which are generally between ¼ and ¾ inch (but can be virtually any length).
How to cut a faux hawk
How to cut a Faux Hawk:
• Clipper cutting the hair is always an easy option for getting a uniform cut along the sides of the “strip”. Just remember to use the clippers only on dry hair. Damp hair will not cut evenly and will clog the blades of your clippers.
• Be sure to cut your “strip” to the appropriate size for the individual’s head. A good way to judge the size the strip should be is to use the centers of the eyes as a guide. You can use the flat edge of a comb to gauge the outer edges of the strip and part the hair along the edge line. Use hair clips to hold the strip hair out of the way while you cut one side, the repeat the process on the opposite side.
• If you opt to create the style entirely with scissors, you should use a traveling guide to ensure uniform lengths. (You can optionally create the style with tapered sides whether you use clippers or scissors.)
• For a funkier, trendier look to the “Faux Hawk”, texturize the strip using the point cutting technique. This will create more movement in the style and let you create a spiky or disheveled look in the finished style.
The finished cut can be styled using mousse or hair gel and dried using a diffuser to create stand-up spikes, or blown into a tousled look. If you want more definition in your “strip” use a little pomade on the fingers and work it into the hair, pulling the textured hair into points.
Note: names also given to this hairstyle are fauxhawk, fo hawk and fohawk.
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