Razor Cut and Scissors Cut

Cutting hair with a razor
Razor cutting - Photo: Basyn/Shutterstock
Q: Is there a difference between getting a razor cut and a scissors cut?
A: There is a difference in a razor cut and a scissors cut, but these differences vary for the stylist versus the client.
For the stylist, razor cuts versus scissor cuts means different cutting techniques. The hair is held differently and cut using different motions. These techniques require practice to master.
Some stylists prefer one style of cutting over the other, while some are equally comfortable with either cutting style. The razor tool can be used for the entire cut, or simply to soften and texturize the hair once it has been initially cut using scissors.
For the client, the results are the biggest difference between the two cutting methods. The hairstyles achieved with razor cuts tend to be smoother and softer looking. In many ways the look is more organic, without clearly defined layering or weight lines.

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