How to Choose a Good Hairbrush

Choosing a hair brush
Choosing a hairbrush - Photo: Shutterstock
One would imagine that choosing a hairbrush would be a simple proposition. For most of us, growing up, the hairbrush used was decided by its proximity when we wanted to drag one through our hair. Our mothers may have had two or three brushes in a drawer in her dressing table, but if any thought was given to which to use, it was usually the one that appeared cleanest.
If we were lucky, however, we learned a little about the options available in hairbrushes as we grew older. At least we learned enough to understand when to use a bristled brush as opposed to one with tines. But a lot of the nuances of hairbrush varieties were still lost to us. In fact, unless we chose a career in hair styling most of us never learned more about brushes than this.
The varieties and uses of hairbrushes is pretty useful information, and when exercised properly these choices can make a dramatic difference in the styling results we may experience. Good hair brush choices can also help to keep the hair looking, smooth, shiny and healthy.
Hair brush basics
Brush Basics
The following are basic brush types that can be easily found in any beauty supply department or shop. These often come with either bristle or tines depending on the manufacturer and their specified intent. A particular brush may fit into two or more categories at once as variations and combinations of features can create specialized tools for specific uses and hair types.
Vent brush
Vented Brush
Vented Brushes – vented brushes are called such because the body of the brush (upon which the bristles or tines are mounted) is usually hollow with slits spaced evenly along the length to allow air to pass through the brush and subsequently through the hair. Vented brushes are used in blow-drying the hair to add volume and often create texture and some movement depending on the shape.
Styling Brushes – styling brushes are usually all-purpose tools that are used to perform the majority of styling functions with the hair: detangling, smoothing out curl and basic styling and shaping. Styling brushes are often specialized for specific tasks based on the shape of the brush.
Hair styling brush
Styling Brush
Cushion brush
Cushion Brush
Cushion Brushes – cushion brushes are constructed with the tines or bristles mounted onto a pad or cushion to allow the bristles to “give” somewhat when used on the scalp and hair. This makes them gentler to the head and more comfortable for those individuals who have sensitive or tender scalps.