Stubble Beard or Mustache

Man creating a stubble beard look
Photo: LightField Studios/Shutterstock
Q: How can you achieve the stubble beard and mustache look? What tools do I need? I never manage to keep that look since most of the hair is gone after shaving in the morning.
A: Well, the "perpetual stubble" look is actually a matter of trimming the hair down really short, rather than actually shaving it to the skin. You want to get yourself a beard trimmer tool.
Then, as we've discussed with grooming facial hair, you should define the shape for your facial hair. Most of us don't have cleanly defined facial hair zones. Sometimes the hair grows all the way down the neck in to the chest hair, and sometimes it is all the way up the face to just below the eyes. Even if you simply trimmed the hair down to the shortest measure on the trimmers, you end up with a look that isn't quite as esthetically pleasing as you want.
So, you still need to shave certain parts of the face.
Take your trimmer and start with the mid-level attachment or setting for length, then shorten the hair. Keep going shorter until you get the hair as short as you want it to be. If your facial hair is really dark and thick, you may want it shorter than someone whose facial hair is lighter or sparser. Remember, it's all about balance.
Once you get the facial hair as short as you want, use your razor to clean up the perimeter and set an outline for your facial hair area. Use the edge of a comb if you want sharp lines, or simply work freehand if you want a more organic feel.
When you finish, you'll find that you have that stubbled look you crave. Just remember to use a good facial lotion to keep your stubble soft. This helps to reduce itch and lets the ones you want get closer without irritation.
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