Flat Iron Curling

Hair curled with a flat iron
Photo: MsMaria/Shutterstock
Q: How the heck do you use a flat iron for curling hair? I can't seem to flip my wrist right and drag at the same time.
A: I do agree that the technique is simple when described but tricky in practice. It took me a while to get it right, when I first started curling hair with a straightener.
The best way is to imagine it is as if you are curling ribbon. As you close the heating plates over the strip of hair, turn the plates about 45-degrees and pull downward. The farther downward you pull, keep turning your wrist so that you reach the end of the strip as the flat iron becomes inverted.
You won't get an actual curl with this method. You will only get a gentle curve. This technique is great for layered styles where you want to turn the ends outward in "points" or to create a smooth inwardly curved style.
For best results, be sure to use a styling gel on your towel-dried hair before blowing the hair dry, and then use a misting of hairspray or specially designed heat-styling spray before you use the flat-iron.

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