High Cheekbones Hairstyle

Keira Knightley with short below chin length hair
Keira Knightley - Photo: Massimiliano Marino/Shutterstock
Q: Any hairstyle suggestions for someone with high cheekbones?
A: It's difficult to make blanket suggestions of hairstyles for someone without knowing more information about the shape of their face and the balance of their other facial features.
However, all things being equal and provided that there are no other physical features that would influence the effectiveness of a particular style, there are some hairstyles that would be especially flattering to a woman with high cheekbones.
In short hairstyles, the gamine, close-cropped hairstyles often look sensational on women with high or prominent cheekbones. This is especially true if such styles also feature feathered and forward-swept sides and shorter bangs.
As the hairstyles get longer, feathered, forward sides continue to be flattering for their ability to frame the face and enhance the cheekbones. If the face is also angular, a softer style is recommended, while softer facial features often benefit from clean lines and angles in the hair's design.
For women with long hair who have high cheekbones, the key is layers. The layers bring the eyes' attention to various points along the face, including the cheeks and can be styled to soften or sharpen the features as needed.
High cheekbones are considered an ideal of beauty in our culture, and when combined with a flattering hairstyle to accentuate and play up this feature, can make up for other areas where the features may be lacking.
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