Highlights for Guys

Guy with highlights in his hair
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Q: Do guys get highlights in their hair? My girlfriend wants me to get highlights in my brown hair, but some of my friends think that highlights on boys or men are gay.
A: Yes, guys do get highlights in their hair. I have personally highlighted my fair share of men's hair who was undeniably masculine and very much one of the dudes. I have also highlighted the hair of an equal number of men who were homosexual and just as much as comfortable between the fashion magazines and beauty tips as the rest of the female clients.
Does this mean that you should or should not highlight your hair? No. It merely means that your priority should be whether you actually want to have your hair highlighted, irrespective of the opinion of your girlfriend or your friends. Since you have gone to the trouble of asking advice from a hair-professional site, I tend to deduce that you are either not entirely against the idea of having your hair lightened, or you value the desires of your girlfriend utterly too much.
If the case is the latter, I suggest that you sit yourself down and realize that if your girlfriend truly cares about you, she will most definitely understand if you do not want to do it. If the former scenario holds water, then I hasten to assure you that a lot of heterosexual men highlight their hair as well. I would suggest that you go to a hairdresser and ask for subtle highlights that resemble natural sun-streaks.
I would also suggest that you have these done in summer-vacation. All hair lighten naturally in the sun, especially when one swims a lot or spends most of their time on the beach or outside. Thus, your friends will be less inclined to notice the difference and consequently less inclined to rag you about it. By going to the hairdresser and opting for subtle highlights, you'll probably make your girlfriend happy, satisfy your interest in the procedure and evade the testosterone-fueled opinions of your friends.
If you want to go lighter, do so in time so that the difference does not appear so shockingly contrast compared to what your hair used to look like. If this proves to be too costly for you to maintain, as your girlfriend or mother or other girl friends to maintain your highlights for you by using a store-bought kit. Preferable ask someone with experience of using a highlighting-kit, though.
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