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Hair with highlights
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Is it ok to highlight my hair on Sunday after dyeing it black on Wednesday?
Is it ok to just highlight my gray hair with foils without coloring it all over?
Is it ok to put highlights in hair that is going gray?
Is it possible to do coloring and highlighting in one single process?
Is it possible to just highlight new growth?
Is it safe to get foils in your hair when you are pregnant?
Is it safe to remove color and dye + highlight my hair?
Is it safe to straighten highlighted hair using a flat iron every day?
Is it safe to use a home straightening kit on lightened hair?
Is it true that highlights will straighten permed hair?
Is it true that my hair may break off if I get highlights in Winter?
Is it true that you can't have highlights before your menstrual cycle has started?
Is there a certain amount of time you should stay out of the sun after getting you hair highlighted?
Is there a natural way to get highlights?
Is there a scalp protector to use when lightening hair so the bleach doesn't burn your scalp?
Is there a way that you can take highlights out without having to grow them out?
I want blue highlights in my African-American hair, that can only be seen if I wear my hair half up.
I want dark black hair and blue highlights. What is the best way to do this?
I want to add highlights but can not get the color to break. What am I doing wrong?
I want to cover blonde highlights. What color should I use?
I want to get new highlights. Can I cover the old ones?
I want to put blonde highlights into red dyed hair. How do I go about this?
I want to remove hair color and then highlight it. Is this possible?
I want to retouch my roots and highlight my hair. Is it possible to do that at the same time?
I would like to have light blonde flashes of color throughout my hair.
My black hair faded, but the blond highlights look horrible. Help!
My hair has blonde foils in it, but I can never seem to get it as light as I want.
My hair was damaged but is healthy now. Would it hurt to get highlights again?
My head started to burn when bleach was put on. Will my hair fall out?
My highlighted hair has faded and is starting to turn red and orange. Any suggestions?
My highlighting with highlighter kit went wrong. How can I re-do it?
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