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Getting Highlights in Winter

Q: I'm an Afro-American woman and I'm thinking about getting highlights and I was told that in Winter it is bad to get color in my hair because your hair is dryer and it may break off. Now I don't get a perm so the only chemical in my hair would be the dye. Should I wait until Spring for my highlights?
A: While it is true that your hair is affected by the weather and climate of the areas in which you live, avoiding getting a color service because of Winter is like deciding not to take baths because you are more susceptible to getting a cold in the winter months. Yes, winter weather can be hard on the hair. Going from indoor dry heated environs to outdoor cold and damp can strip the hair of its protective moisture.
However, we also have available today terrific products designed to moisturize and protect the hair from the elements.
The secret is to go to a reputable salon, with a stylist you can trust. You want a stylist who will make advisements based on what is best for your hair, and not what will be most profitable for his paycheck. A good stylist can evaluate the condition of your hair and can advise you on colors and options available to you.
But to answer your question: NO. There is no reason why you should wait for Spring to get your hair highlighted. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.
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