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Scalp Protector

Q: Is there a scalp protector to use when lightening hair so the bleach doesn't burn your scalp? My old hairdresser used it on me and it worked every time but I cant find it or remember what it was called.
A: There are actually two ways to go when lightening the hair and needing to accomodate a sensitive scalp. You could opt to use an additive in the lightening mix, such as Ardell's 777 Perfector Plus, which is designed to take the itch and burn out of chemical services. Just remember that these are not designed to make "off the scalp" lighteners safe for on the scalp use and you should ALWAYS perform a patch test before applying a chemical mixture to your hair or scalp. If you can't find 777 Perfector Plus at your local beauty supply store, ask which types of protective chemical service additives they carry and choose from those.
The other method of preventing chemical burns during a service is to apply a protective balm to the scalp. The most commonly used product for this purpose is petroleum jelly, although cream cholesterol is also used. These are applied directly to the scalp at regular intervals by parting the hair into thin slices so that the scalp is exposed and as much of the scalp is covered as possible without getting the product onto the hair more than necessary. Since the balm is meant to protect the scalp from the chemicals, it will interfere with the lightening process if you get it up onto the hair shaft.
I have no way of knowing what your former hairdresser may have used in your services, but there are a number of makers of such additives or protectants. I'm sure you can find one that suits your needs.
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